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  1. Bobbo

    Vintage Denim?

    Thanks for sharing Flash! First time I hear about it.
  2. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    Beauties, Maynard! SDA never gets old.
  3. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Thanks Bartles! I'll see what I can do.
  4. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Weekend vibes! Here's a bombardment of booze and a bunch of scores. For about a week now GBG beerweek has been running here, basically loads of beer related events. Sadly I wrecked my budget last weekend, but we'll get to that in a minute. First I'd like to salute my favorite Swedish brewery that specializes in sour beers - Fermenterarna. The only event I went to this week was when they were in town. Definitely worth checking out if you can get ahold of it. I know https://glasbanken.se/ stocks some, though not sure if they ship anywhere else than the nordic countries. While talking about booze me and a friend kicked off a New England IPA two weeks ago. Looking yummie so far. And I tried some proper cider for probably the first time not too long ago. Expected it to be much better than the cheap shit that's usually about, but this was very tasty. Last weekend my good friends at https://goteborgmanufaktur.se/ was hosting a pop-up for a guy selling parts of his vintage collection and some nice stuff from Mister Freedom, Real McCoys, old Warehouse and White's. Apparently we had the same shoe size so I snagged a barely used pair of White's for a steal. Also picked up a pretty tattered Lee 81LJ from the 60's and an almost NOS Filson jacket from the 30's. It was not a healthy experience, haha.
  5. Bobbo


    For me it's because it's pretty apparent that Naoki loves denim very much and is so helpful and easy to do business with. Denimio is just a business from the get-go as far as I can remember; they saw a business opportunity with Japanese retail prices but fluent English customer service. It rubs me the wrong way.
  6. Bobbo


    Looks great man!
  7. Bobbo


    ^ @tigerstrom have a pair!
  8. Bobbo

    Eternal Jeans

    Nice to see some worn Eternals, Chambo!
  9. Bobbo


    ^ Yum! The gunpowder denim is pretty nice.
  10. Bobbo


    No mate, the 800 doesn't use the banner denim, but the more rough 14,5 oz denim. Great stuff though! And same denim on both the 800 and 800XX. Think you can find both in raw and one wash.
  11. Bobbo


    My C/L jeans states 55 % cotton and 45 % linen (or other way around, it's kanji eh). Beautiful jeans none the less Broark.
  12. Bobbo


    The denim looks a bit like the cotton/linen fabric they did a while back. Although a tad lighter in color.
  13. ^ Yes, you're required to clearly state that it's sponsored content, at least that's how it is in Swedish marketing law. It's been vague for a long time but we've had a few verdicts in Sweden on some of our big influencers lately because it's missleading marketing. Though just like the way social media contests also breach marketing laws all the time there's not many cases that seems to get filed. Hopefully Instagram gets a little jumpy over losing legitimacy and addresses the issue with new features.
  14. Bobbo


    Isn't it the new sub brand Inoue was posting about some time ago?
  15. Bobbo


    Gorgeous stuff Maynard.
  16. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    What have you all been up to this weekend folks? Looks like spring is finally arriving in Gothenburg for real. On this pic I'm crossing the moat which circles around the inner part of Gothenburg. Way back there were bastions all around. If I recall correctly what we cann Gothenburg today was built in the early 15th century with help from the Dutch. On the right side of the picture is Stora Teatern, one of the cities theaters. One of my favorite spots in the city is Kafé Höganord, a combined café which has great coffee, soups and Danish smörrebröd, but also a great record store. It's located in a cozy courtyard. Definitely worth a stop if you're in town. Got some new Lightnin' Hopkins, Viagra Boys and Honungsvägen with me this time around. Bonus beer and doggie shots.
  17. Great stuff Chicote and Ooms!
  18. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    @volvo240thebest got one of their sweatshirts
  19. Yes mate, the one I got is very comfortable compared to my Corter belt. I think you'll be pleased!
  20. I got a nice belt from Hubb leather. He does custom stuff so you can get it pretty much how you want it. Very nice guy and easy communication.
  21. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    ^ What he said. Both are wide straight cuts.
  22. Bobbo

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Kuniyoshi-san doesn't sew all models though. The guy who runs El Canek does (did?) make some and then Shingo makes the S Antique himself.
  23. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

  24. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Mini denim update. Before and after wash. Still a little damp in the after pics.