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  1. Bobbo

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    ^ Yum! Nice pick up.
  2. Keep an eye out on http://goteborgmanufaktur.se We made a few extra pairs that should hit the shop anytime now.
  3. Haha, are you telling me that's really ice cream? Would have fooled me.
  4. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Looks like you've had a prime summer, Foxy!
  5. Interesting to hear the LVC comparisons. Shingo worked pretty hard to get it close to vintage Levi's. Gotta check which era he was gunning for!
  6. What's the inseam at now? Have only washed my pair once so far, so I can't chime in too much.
  7. Welcome onboard @vIGGiou riou Hm that sucks. I use Imgur and usually just copy the link you find in the BBCode field. Edit: Like the big single cuff @beautiful_FrEaK That's how I usually wear my Warehouse 800 with sneakers (and boots, most of the time).
  8. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Excellent update!
  9. Bastard looks delicious! Have to check it out next time around. Think the last pairs were sent out yesterday by the boys, so now we're pretty much good to go for real!
  10. Bobbo


    A great looking shirt for sure. Was close to getting it when they had a few sizes at Göteborg Manufaktur. Post some fitpics when you get the chance!
  11. Bobbo

    Eternal Jeans

    Why not just wear a belt instead?
  12. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Looks like October 1st! 7 weeks to go then.
  13. ^ Great success! They stretch a lot so it should turn out great.
  14. Looks more tapered on you but I still think it looks good @Broark. Maybe even better with just a tiny turn up?
  15. Bobbo

    Studio D'artisan

    So good! Have you mended them yourself?
  16. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Thank you kindly @Radiohead89
  17. Bobbo

    Happy Jeans - Tcb 20s contest thread

    Almost on page 2 again. What have you lot been up to lately? I'm starting to see more shredding on my pair now, sorry about the poor quality of the pics! How long do we even have left of this contest? 2 more months? Went to Norrköping to visit an old friend some time ago. In the front you have Mikael that did the patch design for my GBG collab jeans, in the back is Niclas that shot the great photos I've been spamming you with. And this is his sweet little country house. 45 cute square metres. Went to see Israel Nash about a week ago. It was better than I expected. Nice to see some more Country gigs in Sweden. Decent sunset on the way home.
  18. Tasty! Looks like the final top button turned out pretty well too. Havn't seen that one myself, haha.
  19. Hey guys, I have some very exciting news to share. Soon I will release a collaboration I’ve done with my good friends at http://www.goteborgmanufaktur.se and Shingo-san of Denimbridge, sewn by the one man army Kuniyoshi-san of Double Volante in their new project Denim Base. 14 oz greatness made in Japan with a really nice vintage vibe to the fabric and a lovely olive herringbone fabric for the pocketbags. Measurements: Size W26 W27 W28 W29 W30 W31 W32 W33 W34 W35 W36 W38 W40 Waist/inch 25 26 27 28 29 29.9 30.9 31.9 32.9 33.8 34.4 36.4 38.4 Front rise/inch 10.6 10.8 11 11.2 11.4 11.6 11.8 12 12.3 12.4 12.6 13 13.4 Back rise/inch 12.6 12.8 13 13.2 13.4 13.6 13.8 14 14.2 14.4 14.6 15 15.4 Thigh/inch 11.1 11.3 11.6 11.8 12 12.3 12.5 12.8 13 13.2 13.5 14 14.4 Knee/inch 7.5 7.6 7.8 8 8.1 8.3 8.4 8.6 8.7 8.9 9.1 9.2 9.2 Leg opening/inch 6.9 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 7.5 7.7 7.8 7.9 8 8 8 Inseam/inch 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 34.5 Shingo measures the front and back rise a little differently which gives different measurements from the BiG-method. Here you can see how he measured them if you scroll down: http://denimbridge.jp/overseas Fabric: A14 oz denim with a very light pink selvedge-ID made by a blend of US cotton. It was made to capture the essence of vintage Cone and I'd say it turned out very well. It starts out flat and uniform before it hits water, then it crocks like crazy (which you kind of can see in the pic above). Should get some nice vertical falling, going by the washed samples. The fabric is made exclusively for Denimbridge by Yamaashi mill in Okayama on a Toyoda shuttleloom. According to Shingo it's a small factory which is an important factor for both Shingo and us in this project. If you want to see a little of how the fabric ages Shingo has started using it for his latest Denimbridge cut. http://denimba.com/denimbase/2018/11/03/23478 Since there's been talk about doing a Denimbridge contest for a few years now I was thinking now might be a good time with a special release. The jeans will be made in August so a contest could be possible to start late September. The prize: The winner will win two prizes: a pair of Denimbridge jeans, sponsored by Denimbridge, and also a prize from Göteborg Manufaktur. Pre-order: The pre-order is running until June 15th via https://goteborgmanufaktur.se/brands/goteborg-manufaktur/goteborg-manufaktur-x-indigo-veins-x-denimbase-gbg001-jeans-pr.html I'll have more info to share in the next couple of days and will post more details about the jeans. But for now, what do you guys say, shall we put up a contest? Participants: Beautiful_Freak (confirmed) Tigerstrom (confirmed) Srudy (confirmed) Thanks_M8 (confirmed) jegr (confirmed) maharu (confirmed) space_cowboy (confirmed) Babaron (confirmed) Broark (confirmed) longshanks ALB (confirmed) unders JohnM (confirmed) Edit: I will continue to update the first post when we release more info. Here's sneakpeak shots to get a little bit excited: