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  1. sometime my heartbeat is superfast, feel like im having a panic attack, i never used to have those before,
    ( i was fucking going to the apple store and my heart was crazy fast, like wtf, i wasnt anxious at all to go there, i dont understand)

    godamn, it really suck.. im so new to these anxiety things., 

  2. dudes that trip over flatbush zombies, travis scott and ian connor

    -ripped over tight jeans denim, normaly
    -tops/shirt with early raf sadness teenager inspired quote ( 'life is boring', im lost in myself', 'outsider' )
    -sport a little ponytail bun with shaved side
    -pink sneakers, old bapesta
    -throw westside sign flexin on instagram
    -smoke weed on all instagram pics

    they mostly think all the time that they are so ahead of everyone and are 'fashion' cause they have raf early runaway photos saved on desktop from tumblr.

  3. aesop is overpriced lol, its like the designer of skincare products lmao. and all there products have irritants ingredients and scented things.

    i never used paulas choice moisturizer. 

    only the BHA 1% gel exfoliant, work good for me.

    currently using Cerave moisturizer, do the job and easy to find, good ingredients.

    Really looking forward to find a solution to my oily skin tho. It get bad by the end of the day normally.

  4. I've found that diet is closely related to how oily my skin looks. the more processed foods and sugars I have, coupled with a lack of vegetables tends to contribute to oily skin. Also things like stress and if your skin is too dry your body will also over compensate oil secretion. You can counteract this by exfoliating areas that are shiny, using a non-oily lotion, oil pads (as you had mentioned), and adding a little baby power to your lotion application to matte the shine but this is only temporary. 

    honestly, i eat mostly good all the time, and drink water/ green tea, rarely have sugary drinks or anything and never noticed something with my oil production. i rarely have fast food, eat vegetable everyday.

    my body is dry, hands too, face combination/ oily. 

    i just ordered a sample of this for 1 $ have lot of great reviews, obvisiouly its not a permanent internal solution.

    im blessed enough that my oily skin doesnt give me breakout or problems.



  5. cant buy supreme anymore :(, new thing for CANADIANS

    instand of 25$ shipping,

    its now 20$ shipping + 30% of your total order to cover duties it seem.

    when you buy a 288$ bomber, you get 90 $ of surcharge fee plus the 20 $ shipping
    and the convert US to CAD lol.

  6. my skin is clear except my forehead get so oily during the day, it doesnt create pimple, its just super oily. fuckin annoying.
    have those little oil absorbing paper, oil come back an hour later. fml

    i even took 1 shower a day instand of 2 now.

    will probably have to look into vitamin etc to stop that.

  7. Z25Zupp.jpg


    just saw this--kinda skeptical.  


    anyone know what the source is?  i can't seem to find anything else.


    edit--it's purportedly a gosha collab

    ive heard its fake. from one of gosha boy.

  8. A quick Google search informed me that the US webstore will be re-opening on February 26. Would anyone with better insight care to confirm?

    just check supreme fb page, they said it, and yes its the 26

  9. i have sensitive skin but i dont have any acne, and rarely breakout.

    i just have oily skin, and yeah ive eat good since long, cut out dairy since like a year. still have some cheese sometime but really rare. no milk at all. and i never really eat at fast food or anything, and try to eat my veggies/ fruits everyday.

    and i drink 2 green tea a day.

    it didnt decrease my oil production.

  10. word, i dont really get ingrown hairs, but ive recently bought a really good electric shaver on sale, philips 3D sensotouch,  and i though to myself some time after, why did i bought that, normal blade shaver is so much better for the skin, less irritation and more good as a matter of exfoliating the skin.

    im dumb

  11. ingrown hairs


    what to do about them?




    Laser therapy? 




    you probably dont shave good, get a proper shaver / razor, use maybe cleanser soap as cream if you shave with classic razor, and apply moisturizer or after shave to reduce problems after.


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