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  1. When you don't shave all the hairs with the electric shaver, especially the ones on your neck.

    fuck that, thats why i use electric shaver for face and razor blade for neck

  2. did some old shrooms i had this weekend, first time i actually went outside the whole trip instand of staying inside with friends, we chilled on my rooftop and the sky was really amazing that night, plus there was a light rain, it was fuckin more cool then exclude ourself to our home interior

  3. last year in august, i dumped my then girlfriend of 3 years, ( we were in same school, same program, same classes.., i met her there)
    dumped her cause there was no flame anymore, it was dead, by the end there was barely any sex, were just always tired, i was kinda turn off that she didnt share same interest as me in general, from movie/books/music to other shits like that, was like the complete opposite, anyways we were more friends then lover in the end, so i dumped her and she agreed with me, she was feeling the same just wouldnt make a move. so everything went great, were good friends, still hang out sometime and chill.

    then she went off in asia for 5months, didnt think of her or anything or miss her as a 'lover'

    fast forward to right now, she just got backlast week, ive saw her at some design school night, hanged out with her all night and other friends, talk about her vacation. just saw her again on saturday for her welcomeback party with lot of other friends and peoples, we blazed and drank a lot, dance, chill.

    then it hit me back home, i miss her, i miss our relation, its kinda like the break up just fuckin hit me almost after a YEAR ? make no sense to me, i had some one night things here and there during that time but nothing serious. 

    then like a fuckin douche, i texted her, went back to her place, i was fuckin blazed, and told her i miss her, like before, like i though she missed me too but like the super good friends we were, not as lover. so i was like ok thats chill i just wanted to say it.

    next morning i text her im sorry about yesterday, that i was confused and probably just lonely right now, missing a person but probably not her and that i wanna still remain good friends ( im going to uni soon and shes gonna be same program as me again .. probably same class i guess lol ? ) she agreed and everything went back to normal.

    i felt like a fuckin 15yo cry baby that didnt know how to control his emotions, i think at least i pulled out right before makin a fool of myself, but still, i kinda wonder if i really miss her or im just lonely as fuck right now 

  4. Had to go to ER for a jaw dislocation. The two doctors there couldn't fix it and I didn't react to 2.5 dosages of morphine + vicodin so they put me under, at which point the senior doctor there apparently fixed everything in like 5 seconds because they were doing it wrong or something. Waiting for my massively inflated medical bill... fuck.


    Didn't even get to experience morphine funtimes. double whammy.

    man i feel you i never react to morphine and all those painkiller docs gave me for operation, so annoyin

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