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  1. I want to buy some kind of next level/weird jacket for this winter, Luckily I found a source with some Phenomenon Jackets that fit the bill, help me choose.



    I'd say the second or third. The woven one is definitely more wearable, but I think the elongated back on the padded down jacket looks really interesting. 

  2. let me know what you think digital, looks interesting!


    I really liked some of it, some not so much. It's a surreal, associative and fragmented "8 1/2"- type film (so Fellini rather than Antonioni), and while some of the episodes really resonated with me, I found (a few) others a bit overwrought and at times rambling. 


    But definitely check it out if you get the chance and let me know what you think.  

  3. I have an allover reflective Nike flash jacket. Got it because of the added visibility for running in fall and winter, and its actually really bright. However, the material doesn't really breathe AT ALL, so for me it's really just for the cold and dark.

    Looks pretty cool as well, but it attracts a lot of attention and I wouldn't really wear it aside from running. I sometimes use the reversible side which has less reflective elements.   

  4. I like the colors of the shoes. Not sure of the tights though, who would really want to run in bright red or white tights? 

    I'll probably try to get my hands on the neck-warmer and gloves.


    Overall, a bit boring in terms of design, this could easily have been Nike mainline. 

  5. I guess a certain degree of referee bias is always part of the game. Could be that refs are told or just feel like they should protect the more technically gifted players, could be they're just influenced by the big names. 


    In a way, it almost adds to the drama and narrative of the contest by incorporating flawed human nature?! It leaves room for unfair disadvantages, poetic justice, dramatic turnarounds, etc. Same goes for the resistance against goal line technology (which was introduced in the PL this season), or the fact that nobody knows exactly when a match ends (injury time is up to the ref), which might seem a bit bizarre if you think about it from the outside. With goal-line tech, there would be no such thing as the 1966 Wembley-goal, or its counterpart in 2010, nothing for people to remember, grudge, and argue about. It's almost liek a greek tragedy...




    I might be wrong, but isn't that also a difference to most sports popular in the U.S.?