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  1. Not that I had any big expectations, but the Oldboy remake was seriously weak. It's kind of alright until before the big twist, but the climax and ending, which diverges from the original, are just so tremendously underwhelming. If you're going to do a superfluous remake, at least get the elements right that made the original so good. 

    Josh Brolin was alright though. 

  2. haha, you really are pretty contentious and irritable.

    The text you linked/quoted before doesn't exactly firmly support your own claim. I guess the "torrents of conjecture" you're met with are mostly due to your reasoning being all over the place. 

    I'd like to leave it at that, I'm not really interested in any kind of argument with you.  

  3. do i? embarrassingly enough, i think i do sound like someone, but that's not who i had in mind






    First of all, I never thought I'd ever read something that actually starts with "Did you hear that very juicy tidbit".. 


    I really don't mean to give you a hard time, especially since you seem like you might be easily offended, but I think you failed to get what I mean. It's seemed a little ignorant to presuppose one monolithic standard of beauty (for all of East Asia even), by mixing up idols, fashion models, and general notions of what makes an attractive woman. It's like asking why there's a difference between Kate Upton and a skinny fashion model, and why both of them don't look like attractive women in everyday life. 


    i'd like to think she's a refreshing taste of east asia's cultural standards for beauty, but am i underestimating that lot's infatuation with bug-eyed girls whose greatest assets are shaved jaws and dopey expressions?





    No offence, but you sound like the whitest guy alive judging "cultural standards for beauty" you don't seem to know so much about.

    I think part of the attraction of models is that they do not fully conform to "standard" expectations, but look extra-ordinary. The other type of girls you talk about (or rather the other type of look) is a completely different aesthetic register, if you will. 

  5. Imo they should just get rid of the zippers on any running tights. The benefits when putting them on or taking them off are marginal, and they just never seem to sit just right. If they're too loose the zipper moves and the stiff material at the end of the leg bunches weirdly (as in the above pic), if they're too tight the zipper head rubs/presses against the ankle. That's why I still kind of prefer my 5+ years-old Underarmour tights over the newer ones I have. Also, if there's no zipper you can adjust the length a bit by folding the end up.  

  6. The scene definitely worked, although it seemed a bit forced to be honest. (spoilers, though at this point there's not much left to spoil)


    The situation mirrors the one where he snipes the guy for Darmody in season 2 (?), but he misses because he's a changed person by now. But then why his is fantasy-sequence is a happy one? Although it worked visually and in tone, it's not really constant with the character's arc?

  7. I really hate the pouty/over-the top cutesy thing like in the video above. Plastic surgery is also a big no-go for me, at least if we're talking about wifey-material.  



    Adrianne Ho