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  1. - Items shipping from Germany 

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    Visvim G. Kiefer Hi 2-Tone 120€/160$  SOLD


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    Visvim G. Logan Deck Lo 100€/135$


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  2. Germany was ice-cold. Ridiculous.


    And Brazil has another game to play on Saturday, either against the Dutch or their arch-rivals Argentina..




  3. WNZVzdw.png


    While this was nowhere near as well executed as Villeneuve's previous film Prisoners, it was an interesting watch. David Lynch in a measured, intense pace. The film never takes the obvious way out, and whenever you think it's going one direction, it does just enough to break up the more conventional psychological and symbolic ways of interpretation. It seems a bit ragged and unfinished in a good way. 

  4. ^ I agree that Brazil still got a shot, it just seems more unlikely. 


    Your suggested subs are a bit wild though, short Dani Alves as CB would be a funny sight, but a horrible idea.. same to a lesser extent for Maicon..


    I think they're going to bring in Dante, who is playing consistently well for Bayern. He's a bit overlooked, imo better defender than reckless Luiz. Together with Gustavo back in the formation that should work in terms of defensive stability, but the bigger problem is offense. Probably Willian is going to come in on the left, but he is nothing like Neymar in terms of holding the ball after the long passes on which the Brazil midfield insists for some reason. So even more than goal-scoring, Neymar's absence will hamper build-up play. Oscar or the two DM will have to step up. 

  5. Refereeing this world cup has gotten ridiculous in terms of carding, culminating in Neymar's injury (broken vertebrae) yesterday.

    It's the 87th minute, there's no advantage gained from fouling him, and if you see the replays, Zuniga knew what he was doing. And there is not even a yellow for it, when there have been straight reds for much less (for example Italy vs. Uruguay, or Ecuador vs. France).


    The leniency on hard fouls has really made smaller, more technical players struggle, and its led to some pretty gruesome to watch matches.