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  1. Batman Begins, Inception - both really sloppy and pretentious

    Avatar - who actually likes this?

    Most Tarantino, but especially Inglorious Basterds is way overrated

    Sin City - gimmicky

    The Social Network - ok, but definitely not the new Citizen Kane

    My Blueberry Nights - worst film ever, thoroughly disappointing to see Wong do this to his other films

  2. Random thought: could someone enlighten me on the appeal of "stacking" food up high like this:


    Who started this? It does not make seem to make sense (apart from taking pics from a certain angle)? You'd have to awkwardly lift the meat off the mash and vegs first?

    I remember a dish at Momofuko where they put dry-aged seared beef on a puree of pretty strongly fermented kim-chi. It was not bad in itself, I would just prefer not to have the meat smothered in it.

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