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  1. Selling 100% Authentic Saint Laurent Products
    Prices all include shipping, paypal 4%. Please don't bother messaging me with unverified accounts, I only ship to verified and confirmed addresses.

    Saint Laurent SL/10H Black & Red High-top Sneakers F/W 2013
    Size 42
    Deadstock, New with Box
    $700 OBO

    Saint Laurent London Side Zip Chelsea Boots F/W2014
    Size 42
    Deadstock, New with Box
    $800 OBO

    Saint Laurent Beachbox Shirt
    Size 39 (15.5)
    $550 OBO

    Saint Laurent Raw Denim 17.5 MII
    Size 30
    $350 OBO

    Saint Laurent Grey Washed Denim 17.5 MII
    Size 31
    Pre-owned 9/10 Condition
    $325 OBO


    Saint Laurent 15.5 CM Stained Detail Ripped Jeans F/W 2013
    Size 32

    Saint Laurent 15.5 CM Blue Destroyed & Whiskered Denim F/W 2013
    Size 32

  2. Hey Alan,  


    I have a pair of N&F black selvedge weird guy's and they fit perfectly they are a size 30. However, I threw these in the dryer a while back, and I think it was the dryer that caused them to fit the way they do now. My true waist size is 30-31.


    I need help figuring out what size I should get for my Weird Guy Left Hand twill. I think I've lost atleast an inch or half an inch since the last time I purchased a pair of N&F Weird Guys. So I'm not sure if I should be sizing down 2 or keeping it at 1. I purchased the size 30 they fit great, but I'm scared that they will stretch out a lot at the waist and it won't fit as good. I tried on the 29 today, and they fit real tight. So I'm kinda stuck between sizes. 


    What I want is for these to stretch and end up fitting like my black selvedge's that I tossed in the dryer, without tossing my new pair of left hand twill in the dryer, in order to achieve the fit of the black selvedge's. 


    Any idea on which size I should get?



  3. Hi everyone,


    I've been thinking of purchasing a pair of "high end" denim from either Dior or Saint Laurent. I've been getting a little tired of wearing nudies, and I wanna purchase denim that's made from 100% cotton. Also, would the 17.5 downsized have a similar fit to the Nudie Thin Finn? Is it worth it investing in a pair of Dior or the new season of Saint Laurent's designed by Hedi Silmane?



  4. Size 9 here in everything i wear

    Chucks, Nikes, AMQ Puma, etc however my feet are quite wide, would sizing for margiela classic high tops be okay? Also should i stay TTS for CP vintage bball high or size up since they fit narrow and long

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