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  1. The exploration mechanics in FFXV are really nice, the pacing that they introduce with having to refill the gas on your car really makes sense.

    When I read about it before buying the game I thought it sounded tedious, but it really helps you pace things out and decide on what quests you're going to tackle next.

    I can see myself already losing so many hours / days to this game...it's dangerous.

    Protagonist character looks like visual k fairy pufter

  2. this is a kind of political correctness, isn't it?

    fall in line behind the president no matter what.

    crying about trump's victory is a first amendment right.

    shutting up about it, being scared to speak out, is more pussy-ish, don't you agree?

    No. Just find it annoying when people constantly literally cry about it. Pussies. Petulant babies. If people wanna have rational discussions about the political climate, then thats alright by me. It's when the sonic landscape is soiled by crying, whining or the quiffs of said pussies constantly, that I am vexed. Just cause u download the latest nofx anti trump administration song, doesn't make you a political lobbyist, nor a anarcho freedom fighter. Don't mean u gotta acapella that shit at the grownup table even u weren't invited

  3. best way to maga is allow smoking indoors again

    japland still has this, but there has been a minor plague of non smoking businesses popping up for a while now.

    plus for you can't smoke outdoors in the city (most places that is) for a while now too.  they got designated places cause some stupid little fucking kids ran into some dudes cig while walking or some shit.  stupid kids ruined it 

  4. i figured i'd get a decent consensus here.


    i need to get transportation for 25 minute walk from bus stop to home on those late nights. don't mind walking it some days but, some days you can't be fucked. there is uber, or yeah i could drive or i got a bmx (can't be fucked with a lock) but i'm trying to be cheap as possible.


    My man who cares if its whack or not.

    If someone thinks you're whack it ain't gonna hurt you none.



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