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  1. ^ That's right, just the SR12s to date, although I think Ande should definitely do another run using that pocket shape. Only he can answer that though...

    Thanks for the info Maynard.

    Well, hopefully Ande (if you're reading this), will reintroduce the shovel pockets. Even as a few samples in a heavier weight.......?? hint, hint... :wink:


    Just saying.

  2. took those photos of the SR12s today–roughly 3wks into them with some quick biking and about 25mi walking, the vertical falling is starting to come out:







    ^^The shit right here.


  3. Been away from the AW thread for too long. Only now am I noticing the beautiful shovel head pockets on the now extinct SR12's! Does anyone know if there is to be anymore of these rear pockets used on any forthcoming lines, or have I missed the bus...again? Was the SR12's the only pair he made with these? If so, that's a shame.

  4. I have a nearly new pair of indigo mij indigo size 28 professionally hemmed to a 32". Debating on selling as I don't want to wait to work them in and may use the cash to purchase a worked in pair as I have to many denim to wear in daily rotation.


    pm me your price and perhaps we can work something out if interested...

  5. Thanks for the belt Justin. Need more holes punched due it to it being too small, but great belt nonetheless!

    Good shit, and five stars!

  6. Okay cool. Was really hoping from Ande to bring back one of his old denim jackets. I'd get it in a heartbeat if the measurements were somewhat right.




    I'm due for a pair of jeans for fall I think, and the Caribou 21 oz is a clear candidate. Lets just hope he has them around then!


  7. Thought I should show you these P.I Hagbergs 19oz Kurabo Denim. Swedish rare brand and these are probably last pair sold. They even dont got any rivets because they ran out,

    They have been worn everyday straight after work since March 1, no wash. The quality is amazing, very well made with triple chainstitch yoke and inseam.













    These are just stupid beautiful. If you part with these, please lmk.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342