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  1. any other boots like the Lad Musician? Creeper sole and all. I found some Marc Jacobs, but those aren't really a cheaper alternative.

    I've learned recently through a purchase-soon-to-be-return that Docs are crap quality in the average range. I don't know about the Made in England collection.

    I'm looking for boots similar to the Lad Musician boots as well. anyone have any ideas that aren't docs? doesn't necessarily have to be a creep sole but that's definitely a plus.

  2. i actually just got both of these as well^

    happy with the parka for the price, it's the only thing in the whole collection that really stood out to me. i needed a winter jacket and it's nice and warm.

    the longue set is cool. i got the wine color, super comfy and the colors are great.

  3. ^ i tried lush's 'dirty hair' cream today on recommendation. certainly not the worst i've tried - mild hold, mild shine - but it still felts / feels a bit too waxy. i'll see how (if) she washes out.

    i actually tried a tiny bit of (black & white?) pomade on my damp hair yesterday and i think that was more subtle, believe or not.

    hmm maybe I'll check that stuff out. let me know if you find anything better

  4. i need a light hold cream (i'm hesitant to say wax / gel / etc.) as i fucking detest product that hardens or leaves any residue (after a rinse). so i guess this thing needs to be water soluble as i barely shampoo. the hold doesn't need to be strong, say 2 or 3 outta 10, but enough to loosely slick (wrong word) my wavy hair back.

    this is exactly what I'm looking for as well. currently don't use any product but want some kind of loose hold that meets this criteria

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