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  1. If you are in Berlin you should check out DC4 for serious Japanese denim (www.dc4.de). Other shops you should visit are Burg&Schild and maybe 14oz.

    But I don’t think any of these shops offer raw denim with such a strong taper. APC might be your best choice when upgrading from H&M. Or look around if you can find a shop carrying Naked&Famous in Berlin. The are also more into those skinny/tapered jeans.

    Thanks! Yeah, Burg & Schild also has N&F and I was also planning on trying on the Weird Guys. Guess I'll have to cut my leg workouts untill my stubborn calfs grow some more.

  2. I measured my best fitting jeans, H&M super drain (which are 2% elastine) and I was wondering if you had any jeans which have the same measurements (while being slimmer in the waist as it says). If no, what do you then think would suit best being tapered below the knee, as in most like the measurements above the knee?

    Waist: 35,4 in (should be sized down 1-2 in) True waist is around 34,5 in (measured at where my boxer-briefs elastic is.)

    Rise: 11 in

    Thigh: 11,5 in

    Knee: 7,9 in

    Calf: 7,3 in

    Opening: 6,7 in

    Inseam: 34 in

    I tried the Levi's 520 which fit really well, but they were a bit too tight in the calf and don't come in a raw version and the 508s were too loose in the calf..

    I've gotten some different recommendations (Levis Calder and Iron Heart 301S Slim Selvedge), but I would like something which it's possible for me to try on before purchasing. I'm going to Berlin in a month, so if there are any recommendations I could try there I'd like that. Already intent on trying the APC Petit new standard.

    Price-range is around $200 if possible

  3. Flawless proxy service, amazed this is done for free! Great communication and feedback! Everything arrived in a week and was in perfect condition. 10/10 will use this service again if I ever need anything from Uniqlo.

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