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  1. my tagged 35 50's contest have a 12" front rise.  the reason Im picky about this thing is right around 11.5" or less for me things start to get uncomfortable quickly.  I cant wear SDA's because they all have sub 11.5" front rises for the size I need

  2. i dont want to shit up the 20's contest thread but the rise seems a bit low for the 20's?  I mean, a 36 waist has an 11.3" front rise.  Am I missing something?

  3. Even if you send them to Viberg I doubt the 2060 would be stitched down but I could be mistaken.  Ive had a few pairs done locally and they were fine.  The 2060 grips fine on concrete.  Just dont expect miracles anywhere else.  Same with the christy.  I personally love them

  4. They might be  bit heavy for that to be honest.  I havent had a problem with them but summers in the Bay Area are not extreme at all.  The fabric is a looser weave and fairly breathable but its got some heft to it.  

  5. 3 hours ago, chicote said:

    go for it! esp if you're working, getting them dirty, etc, your jeans will wear in really nicely if you wash them regularly. when i was working in the amazon i washed my sugar canes weekly, pretty much out of necessity. in terms of color loss, i reckon they got about 6 months' worth of wear over that 2 month period, faded to a really nice blue. only thing is, you'll lose the starch from your jeans really quickly, but if it's hot out you probably want your jeans to breathe anyway. good luck!

    the thought of wearing jeans in the amazon makes me want to barf.  Getting off the plane in Puerto Maldonado in Peru was like walking into an inferno while wearing a heavy wet blanket

  6. everyone goes on about the attention to detail and the flawless stitching, and generally I think the product is up there in the top tier but the single pair of ROY jeans I have have a major flaw that I would consider to be a gross oversight in QC.  I cant explain it very well, but the portion on the fly that has the shell stitching is fucked up and it looks like it was a fabric second or maybe a scrap that was re-purposed.  I can post a pic later but it didnt really take away from my enjoyment of the jeans (when they fit).  

  7. 6 hours ago, Atcharut said:

    Hi everybody

    Just got a pair of TCB 50s' in 31" which is true to fit for me (actually a bit 0.5 inch over) However, do you guys think that is a bit loose for me? 

    I soak them in warm water for 40 mins. 

    Just want to hear how they fit me in your opinion. 

    Thank you 


    once the denim wears in a bit it drapes a bit better the fit really comes to life.  When the denim is still rigid and new it fits really boxy, at least that what I recall

  8. I have the slim fatigues in the green and the fabric is probably different, the cut is great.  I sized up one so its not as slim as one might like but I love them

  9. i will say that as revolting as faux-distressing is, these are actually very well executed.  The garbage True Religions that get folded and sanded so each whisker is perfectly straight and, well, fake looking look terrible compared to these.  These could actually pass as sick fadez if someone threw a couple pics on Instagram

  10. To add to the possession obsession point you make BM, the whole "Need to insta- Cop, limited edition collab" hype that some denim retailers employ(or emplayed) holds very little sway with me these days.  Im no longer interested in the struggle to get my hands on something.  If its not readily available or at least in a semi-regular production run Im not trying to fight to cop.  Over hyping and under producing a garment is not in my wheelhouse these days.  

  11. guys I dont have the patience to search this shit out so please just tell me.  The banner denim, is it 13.5 or 14.5 oz?  Im specifically looking at the 1000xx and the 1001 sxx on Warehouse.jp.  I love the denim that was on my Warehouse 415's (aka 700 cinchbacks).  

  12. 34 minutes ago, oomslokop said:

    my condolences gnomes, i'm in exactly the same (food) boat. i've gone from all buttoned up easy peasy on my sd-103 to two top buttons unfastened held up with a belt aho style :D

    lololol I've been experimenting with the top button undone the past couple weeks.  Aho started a movement

  13. I regularly lose interest and regain interest with most of my hobbies.  

    Right now, I have 1 pair of jeans that fit me, the FC1101 and even those I struggle with.  For the first time in my life im going through a fat phase, where my gut is too big for the waistband on most of my pairs.  So Im not wearing jeans much. I wear looser fitting Orslow pants because when I sit down I dont have to battle the waistband.  Our house has been under construction since late September and Im fed up and dont have the energy to dedicate to losing the weight.  Im also going through a slump in my photography so the only thing I really give a shit about these days hobby-wise is riding my bike.  But I do know that things regularly change and i would rather be naked than wear a pair of garbage Gap jeans so despite my denim slump Im still in the 'Til death do us part" portion of the game

  14. yup I have gone through two pairs of SDA's trying to figure out what the fuck they intended with the sizing, only to come to the costly conclusion that they dont fit me and they dont stretch.  

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