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  1. I have both and honestly I'd say the rise is almost the same in each and the difference in leg opening is very minimal.

    That said, I also had Rail Car taper my 2009 pair so they had a taper similar to my SG5109 jeans and it made all the world of difference (and was cheap to boot!).


    good info, cheers. any fit pics of your 2009s?

  2. can anyone compare sugar cane 2009 to 2014?

    seems like the taper is a bit slimmer for 2014? is it noticeable?


    i'm kind of irritated, i called in to SE for a recommendation for slim fit with a higher rise. i was steered to 2009, did not know 2014 existed but now i am thinking it would have been a better choice.

  3. Dang, just got a pair of S710XX in a 32. After a hot soak the waist fits me perfectly... wondering if I should have gotten a 31 at least, the legs are a little baggy for my taste. I just did another hot soak so I will see.

    i felt the same way but the denim kind of "settled" after a week or two to fit me better. i say just rock 'em...

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