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  1. Damn, really want a Haeden overshirt in grey / S but was too slow - got a Graph though.  How tough should I expect the fabric on the Haeden to be?  I carry a Goruck on a daily basis and I've become increasingly worried about its rough nylon straps' effects on certain clothes.  I swear I'm not trying to find an excuse (cough, softer straps) to buy a Nomin.

    Also -  can someone explain the differences between the Graph and Dyadic - is one heavier than the other (I guess the merino / nylon pattern is different and Dyadic has a deeper collar)?

  2. Any recommendations for insulated or water resistant baseball caps?  Goretex, wax-cotton, polartech etc.  Kinda want one for light rain and one for when it gets cold. I might just cop the 1k Corp wax-cotton cap thats out now.

    Also, I'll write up a longer review later but after trying basically everything out there (Outlier StDs, SDs, FWs, 60/30, OGs, Wester Rise, Onu) the Mission Workshop Mission Jeans are the best tech-ish pants out there.  Def need tailoring to actually make them slim below the knee and the "won't bag out" thing is ...not accurate but they look great and are comfortable as hell. 

  3. Merino: Best if its not hot and you're willing to drop the cash (and understand they wear out).  I usually like Wooly and sometimes Icebreaker but they really fuck around with the cut and fabric sometimes.
    Blended stuff:  I only know of Wool and Princes nylon / merino blends.  A lot more durable and still pretty odor resistant but sort of thick and heavy imo. I'd rather either wear go all wool or all synthetic honestly.
    Ex-Officio:  As far as I know, they are the only ones making nylon underwear.  Its slightly (imperceptibly, I'd argue) hotter than polyester and more expensive, but nylon is also considerably more resistant to funk. As with every brand, they fuck around with the cut and material every season so comfort its sort crapshoot but each iteration is fairly similar.  In general, EO has a nice "pouch" thing going on but this season has an extra layer of material over the fly that is annoying.
    Uniqlo Airism: Definitely lighter weight, cheaper, and and the best performing - until the silver treatment wears out and then they smell evil.  You can soak them in diluted white vinegar every once and a while but the stink will come back.  Not putting them in the dryer also seems to help.

    ...I've thought way too much about this.

  4. I ordered a small.  It was pulling across the chest and bunched weirdly in the mid-section where the tacks anchor the kangaroo pocket (which shouldn't be a problem for a thinner person).


  5. If you like less slouchy stuff I love my Oliver merino t.  They have a weird semi-raglan shoulder the relieves pressure on the armpit that is a constant issue for me + they make me look super buff.  They also have well done short short sleeves that don't flare.  I wore the same t for 7 days in a row with no problem on my last trip too (probably the same for any merino t). Outlier's cut in contrast is ...weird.  For some reason I have to wear an XS and even then they're really long.

  6. Since people were asking about ONU.

    I bought the ecorepel pants in green and black and the membrane pullover in green.  I was really hyped for their stuff as its really cool low-key techwear.   I like Acronym etc. just fine but prefer more mil-surp, Gibson style gray-man and usually rock a gray-blue IS Field Jacket, black Outlier StD's, and Nike combats.  Onu's tech ninja with less ninja, more modern urban-futuristic than 90's matrix futuristic hit that spot for me. Long story short- stuff is awesome but at 5'8, 160 I'm way too "athletic" for it to fit.

    The pants are sort of a hybrid between a more subtle Voronois (multi panel, technical cut) and Outlier 60/40's (subdued and almost normal looking, especially in black as the panels are hard to see - while the fabric itself is like a more technical 60/40 fabric).  The problem for me is they are pretty skinny cut while also crazy stretchy and made my "top block" way prominent and my legs look like sausage.  If you're a normally built person you should be fine - maybe size up one from your Outlier size.

    The pullover was awesome and would make for a dope slouchy tech fit.  The fabrics are subdued but weird as hell when you look closely at them (honey-combed, polyurethane combat-wool) and the way the different fabrics are bonded together looks crazy futuristic.  The only caveat is I feel like the face wouldn't be super durable.  That said, I totally would have kept it had it fit.

    Really hope people cop their stuff and that they end up putting out more pieces that I might be able to wear.

  7. Been wearing the ACG cargos and wanted to offer a dissenting opinion: I'm disappointed.  I believe someone mentioned they are a great value at $200, but I find that perhaps this pricepoint was the reason for its weak execution.  There are a lot more "features" in these compared to Outliers for sure, so maybe they are "underpriced" in that regard, but all of these "features" I sense are echoes of something better that Errolson and team wanted to do but could not at $200. 


    The waist closure for example seems to want of Fidlock, or at least an alternative to the traditional snap/button; but instead it's a tiny knob that has to fit into an even tinier opening to catch, making it much harder to engage than Fidlock or a regular snap/button. 


    The cargo pockets have a drawstring--why?  Seems superfluous (unless I'm dense and missing the true functionality).  The pockets are also huge and flare out, kind of giving off the jodhpur look (but maybe this is just because of my build, not sure if everyone experiences this) and not the straight lines I was hoping for. 


    They're not actually black--also disappointing.  The DWR seems to be useless: Some Conditions Gear, it turns out.


    The one thing that's done well is the side pocket.  It's accessible while sitting which is refreshing.


    All in all, there are good ideas here, but given the $200 constraint it feels like they had to cutback on things.  I would rather have seen one or two things executed well than several poorly.


    The main reason I balked is because they're a essentially a costume piece.  They give you the look of being ready for urban combat or whatever but for all the "all conditions", DWR hype and Acronym pedigree they're cotton pants that are going to suck in most conditions.  I would totally cop if they were $220 and nylon (I don't even care about DWR, shit doesn't last anyhow).


    *I still might cop and put up with the soaked legs and "cosplayer" comments just because they looked so fucking cool. 


    ↓  I hear you but wet in cotton sucks for hours, wet in nylon based stuff is a minor nuisance.

  8. Some items marked down 30% plus there was a code that gave an additional 15% off. Picked up the Sinter IS for $725.20 before taxes.



    Ungh - that fucking hurts.  I got raped on customs from Dope Factory ($270).  Its still cheaper that buying from Mr. Porter at 20% off but damn - that eastdane sale is awesome.


    ...And despite the redesign the IS Field still has retardedly high arm holes and cuts you up if you aren't anorexic - might end up selling.

  9. SuE in the techwear sales posted this:


    Dope Factory: WEND30%

    Veilance, SISP, Y-3, SI x Porter Tanker, Nemen, OAMC, etc


    I'm slightly worried as they're sloppy enough that during checkout I was paying in dollars but was billed in euros - but we'll see (its like $20 different).

  10. thanks guys, but I'm really looking for a stowaway hood with a fishtail back. 


    3 layer Goretex or the like.

    I think Ten C has one (in 3L, not their crappy heavy proprietary stuff) but the hood is exposed.  M51's didn't have stowaway hoods so barring riffs on the concept its not going to be common.

  11. Anyone know any NYC stockists other than Barneys?  I can't tell if their IS Field Jackets are from this year or last year (they only carry black which is in all seasons) and I'd like to try on this season's version.  I had trouble with the older ones cutting my armpits but according to their site:


    "For this season, a trademark Veilance piece has been reappraised and altered with a more refined fit around the collar and shoulders, a new hand pocket configuration and a simplified front that removes the seam lines."


    I'm not suffering through another NYC weather in a peacoat...


    Also, the node fits better in the pits than last year but man, they ruined it with the new hood/collar - such an ugly/boring jacket now.

  12. Cheers for the heads up, been pretty close to buying one for the last while. 


    Can I ask, would size M from Norse otherwise fit okay with you? I've found it pretty TTS (6.3, 170 lbs)


    I'm pretty sure a large would be perfect.   At 5'8", 150 the sleeves on a medium were the perfect length for me but will be too short for you.  I tested it out and going up to large removed the snagging problem (but looked stupid on my frame).


    Also - Norse has free shipping till the 30th so you should jump on that shit - so much cheaper than B&M.

  13. Tried on a Norse Projects Rokvi 2.0. How is this thing a v 2.0?


    Pretty cool jacket overall (except for the effeminate looking raglan shoulders) but its basically unwearable.

    At 5.7 145lbs I had extreme difficulty getting my forearms in and out of the sleeves on a medium - and this is wearing a t-shirt.  I'm pretty sure someone weighing 120lbs would have the same problem as the sleeves were too tight at the forearm for my wrist to get through without a lot of struggle.  I actually damaged the lining where it connected to the baffles putting it on.

    Somebody really sucks at patterning.

  14. Returned my IS Field Jacket but got Apparat and Mionn for sale. 

    In NYC for face to face.  Otherwise ask for shipping quote.


    Mionn IS Blazer. 

    Size M


    10/10 (wrinkled a bit from being folded but not worn outside)





    Size 33

    Light Grey

    10/10 (Not worn out - Tag explaining Cobra fastener still on the fly)




    Price Drops! 

  15. Kind of corny but after picking up 2 Merino Pivots at the 2nds sale I've got to say - I feel more "satisfied" with Outlier than with any other brand I cop regularly.  I love me some obscure Japanese shit from back home or whatever but w Outlier I feel like I'm getting exactly the goods that I'm paying for without paying for the brand or exclusivity etc. 


    Shit is expensive but unlike branded stuff its literally expensive because its expensive - not because someones been paying someone else to write articles about how legit it is on hypebeast or because they gotta cover the salaries of a 10 person marketing team who have spent the last 15 years making sure everyone has heard how underground they are (no hate -just saying).

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