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  1. are there any fits that are like the NF WG? roomy thigh and tapered leg? looking for something thats a 11.5 thigh and 7 hem at a 31-32 waist depending on the rise.

    i saw the r425xx and it looks pretty interesting (whats the weight on these?) but i love the r400 twisted yarn weft and 17oz weight. is it all unsanforized?

    i was also wondering how come tuckshops prices are like $100+ on top of the regular prices? is it because theyre the only US distributor? lol

  2. lol hope its a better collab than the last 2, i heard most people didnt like it because it wasnt momotaros regular denim but some denim made for the collab that wasnt up to par with their regular stuff.

    collab with TY = no heavy discounts :(

  3. not hating but just nitpicking on details because im OCD like that on certain things. Isnt 'human legs vs shuttle loomed' bad grammar? i think 'the shuttle loomed' will work better

    also i know selvedge has many spellings but isnt selvedge more generally used than selvage?

    oddly enough i just checked the IH site and they write 'selvage' all over the site but on their flashers its all 'selvedge'


  4. but i'm afraid that with a slimmer fit the chelsea canvas won't fade as interestingly as the miner cut used in the contest.

    care to explain?

    theres tons of variety on sufu that show how a straigher cut vs a slimmer cut fade, how so does the straigher one fade more interestingly?

  5. Picked up a pair of NF x Oni last week. The denim is great, except for the fact I haven't soaked them yet and the inseam is perfect. Looks like these will go unwashed forever. Anyone know how much these are supposed to stretch out?

    I feel like youre cheating on your grand indigos.....lol other people won't understand where I'm coming from.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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