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  1. I regret doing squats in mine because it caused knee bags and messed up my combs. Stairs should be fine though but your crotch will scream in pain so do them slowly

    Take your time breaking them in. Rushing it will make look bad

  2. whoops my bad, mustve missed that on my phone or thought it had to do with all the 555/301s talk.

    i read that thread and found it funny how people were all wondering 'WHYYYYYYYYYYY is it only in 32?'

    i think the answer is pretty obvious, most if not all pant makers use size 32 as their base line for measurements because it is the most common/middle size (28,29,30,31,32,33,34,36,38) then adjust +/- for bigger and smaller sizes. seeing how they were samples for testing, it makes sense that theyre only in 32.

  3. it says it on their website right here, http://www.theunbran...rand.com/about/

    but I honestly dont think theyre trying to compete with higher quality brands either....but they just shouldnt market as if they were.And dont get me wrong I like this brand too... My first pair of selvedge denim after i had some STF's. i agree they are a very good starting brand to test the waters of the raw denim game, but nothing more.

    you should reread that because the denim theyre putting down are overpriced designer brands (true religion, rock and republic, etc), theyre not comparing themselves to higher quality raw selvedge denim

    they are much more than just testing the waters, the general public wouldnt even think about dropping $400-800 on a pair of IH,PBJ,samurais. its a product that people can wear spending a little more than they normally do on mall brands and getting much better quality than theyre used to. they most likely wont spend more money on higher end brands and will be returning customers for unbranded

  4. That depends how you wear them. I can button the top 3 but I stopped buttoning the top one because I sit in class or drive so I don't want it to stretch too much so they haven't really stretched. WG 30

  5. where are you guys learning how to make your own shirts/jeans? wikipedia? lol

    ie. which stitches to use (or even what each stitch is), adjustments for patterns, etc

  6. im confused. when making jeans, dont you come up with your size charts first? while i do know there might be slight changes because of how the denim stretch affects the chart, i would still think a rough size chart would always be around

  7. how are your ele2's turning out btw? mirin the blog u have goin on. u should get all the misc brahs to start posting their fade updates here lol. bring more life to this forum.

    we often go from -30C to +30C between winter and summer in Toronto so the heavier denim starts becoming a bottleneck when it's really hot out - especially when you have big thighs from doing squats. I totally respect you wearing 21oz year round in a hot climate, but our temperature isn't as uniform year round. 15C in april is shorts weather but 15C in october is time to pull out the Canada Goose.

    lol ive been lazy updating since the 120th wear and i im gonna take 150 day pics soon. im sure other miscers already come here but they dont post as much as me.

    also wearing them year round in hot weather would require more washes because youll obviously sweat a lot more in them and thats quite against my methodology lol

  8. April is kind of an odd time to start a heavyweight denim contest anyways... I'll just wear current raws until September then switch to the Ele3s as the temperature in Toronto starts getting reasonable. I'll register at the start though.

    Looks like Flat Heads and I were not meant to be. :(

    lol also toronto here and i noticed it starts getting annoying to wear the ele2s once it gets past 25 degrees.

    yeah i find it quite stupid for them to start the contest in april, better off to start it in the oct/fall/winter so it gets broken in and gives you a good 6-7 months before the hot weather kicks in. then again this is the case for people who have the same climate as us

  9. No free tee's, we do not make a profit from this competition and neither do our friends and sponsors. To organise this contest, administrate it, design logos, tee's, flashers, get stuff printed etc..... actually costs us money. We do this because we want to.

    i would like to say thats not entirely true.....i doubt that the IH production costs $425 per pair and that there is a heavy markup for profit

    is IH even a sponsor? LOL ignore this if they arent. sorry

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