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  1. They've doubled in price to like $385 minimum now. Somehow that's still considered a price point most of us can afford right? At that price you might as well get some iron hearts or samurai. Why would you go for regular denim? Even if it is bespoke

  2. [/size]

    Well, from rimting's crotch shot, it's obvious his jeans with the broken button are two to three sizes too small. When sized properly (TTS to two inches over your actual waist measurement when it comes to shrink to fit jeans) any brand on sufu can handle dedicated wear. You drop down two or three inches below your actual waist, it's only a matter of time before something breaks, I don't care what the brand or hype is.

    Never understood the whole super skinny jeans things. It's not a flattering look guys (never met a grown woman who likes that look), no matter what ya tell each other online. Avoiding extremes in appearance is always best.

    its all about the contours and proportions.

    if you have a nicely shaped lower half and theyre proportionate to your upper body then itll look good. if you look like a walking stick or a sausage link then its gonna look bad.

    clothes are to accentuate your body not hide it

    cernio i would go with blueowls measurements

  3. i have a solution.... if youre one of those people that size down to the point the button and hole arent even remotely close to lining up, then dont button the top button! its that simple. keep the top tight with a belt instead.

  4. i remember reading somewhere people say to make your jeans out of another material first before denim to see how they fit and make adjustments accordingly. whats that material again? lol it seemed to have slipped my mind

    i remember recently seeing a thread where some group of people went to make their own jeans? dont remember which company they were

    edit: muslin, got it lol

  5. IMG_0344_zpse59019a6.jpg

    saw your fit pics on the wiwt thread. they look good but i can see what you mean about the stacks. i was OCD and preset them when i first got them thats why they look pretty symmetrical. i also noticed that its horrible to cuff them so early because they were so stiff. it also creates the weird line fade at the cuff, making them hard to wear uncuffed afterwards.

    what do you do in yours? im a student so im mainly walking, sitting driving or in class. especially since its winter im not as active in them as i could be. dont really have to shovel in them either since i live in a condo.

  6. thanks :D ill be updating this weekend when it reaches 200 wears. nope i dont think ill be washing them any time soon, maybe in another year or more. i mainly wear these from oct- april and then when it gets too hot i wear my frank2s. that ends up making me able to wear them even longer without wash. i wore uniqlos before these and i kept them unwashed for 3 years.

    maybe, MAYBE ill soak them so the crotch doesnt blow out but dont have anything planned yet

  7. 22 oz is fine for me. I just hope NF makes the fabric a bit softer and more pliable when new; keep hearing the Ele2's are terrible during the break in period. Contrast stitching in yellow or orange would be a welcome change as well. :rolleyes:

    lol id disagree with everything.... since ive already had a taste of the 22oz, i wouldnt mind more. also the toughness of the break in period is part of the jeans life, you have to be able to tame it before youre worthy of wearing them to death. those who give up, break seams, pop buttons, have all failed to tame them.

    if anything itd be nice if they were more airable so i can wear them in the summer. havent worn contrast stitching in a long time so im not sure if id like it

  8. i think they said e3 will be fall 13 or summer 13 (which would be dumb because its hot as hell)

    would make sense for it to be ~25oz. any less and it wouldnt really be new, seeing how theyve had a 24oz indigo and 26oz super blacks. theres room for 23oz but thats such a subtle difference that its not really anything new. unless they want to jump to 27oz but that seems very hard to wear....

  9. dem combs....

    12,5" thighs on a size 36...you eon't find many guys that will wear them with a flattering cut.

    do you mean the thighs are too tight or too big? and by 36, you mean tag size which is probably a 38 actual waist right? (r400 has the same tag/waist but r400s is vanity sized by 2 so im not sure what the r400h is)

  10. I agree it isn't a matter of shoving more buttons in the fly opening. I just believe N&F could make their fly openings longer.

    Using the example of 0702 having smaller rise and longer fly opening, discounting the number of buttons. Whereas N&F WG has a slightly longer fly albeit .25", but only manage a fly opening of 5.25"...0702 can manage opening 6.75" long.

    On the other hand my SDA 103 size 29 has 9.5" rise with fly opening of 7.25" with 4 buttons nicely spaced apart.

    It may not be about cost saving for N&F, because SDA can do 4 buttons with a longer fly opening.

    Now I am confused why they do such small fly opening with buttons so close together.

    then i feel the issue is that the waist band is thicker on NF if the fly part itself is shorter. take some comparison pics since you have all 3 pairs anyways

    also from looking at the size charts, the top block of the 702 and WGs are pretty much the same

  11. not sure how youd fit 5 buttons when it barely has room for 4. mine are nicely placed on both pairs.

    you realize its not just shoving a bunch of buttons on it, the other piece of fabric cant hold that many holes

    and you just said the 702s have a smaller rise than your WG, so what are you talking about the fly being short on the WG?

  12. Just got a pair of Elephant 2 Skinny Guys size 28. The measurements on Tate and Yoko said 29, but they measure 28" for me.

    They are painful to wear, but I can button the top with a lot of effort, and with it super high on my waist

    Thighs and below the knee are fine.

    But the waist and top block and crotch are a little tight.

    Should I keep them? Thank you.

    You should post pics if you want us to help and I suggest doing that before selling them. Watch the 29s you buy end up measuring 30 lol the waist is the easiest part to stretch too

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