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  1. yeah i messaged him but he said to call him tomorrow and didnt say yet. im just excited so wondering if you guys can tell which it is.

    im guessing its a DDL-555-2

  2. thanks guys, i may just do that 2 hour drive with a friend that has a truck (Y)

    btw its a 20u33, does that mean its one of the weaker ones? cuz i see theres also 43,53,63

  3. its for sale for $100! thats why i was very excited about it. someone mightve been me to the punch though.

    the singer one is for $50! even better but its a 2 hour drive away....

  4. Check out my Daedalus Natural American Horsehide Lanyard with Washed Copper Burr Rivet,3mm Thickness


    how did you order from daedalus? i want to order a pair of boots from them but their fb looks like they havent updated it in a long time so im unsure to use their website.

  5. dont do that.......... you shouldve just gotta to a good leg size before dropping too much money. its always fun to see people who bulk and cut instead of doing recomposition so their weights always fluctuate and cant fit in their jeans

    you can also change up your volume from like a 3-5 x 8-10 to a 6-10 x 2-4. youll still get strong and legs wont blow up as fast. easier to recover from and can be higher intensity.

  6. thanks for all the knowledgeable info jerry!

    hey how do you tell if a machine is an industrial machine?

    guy selling this says its a 306k and industrial but some research says that its hard to find needles for it

    You MUST--repeat MUST--use a Singer 206X13 needle. If any other needle could be used in this machine, Singer would have figured out how to do it years ago. Some of these machines have been "retimed" to use other needles but that proves unsatisfactory when doing anything but straight stitch.

    It will accommodate twin needle sewing using a 306x1 needle. Good luck in finding one.


    how about this one?


  7. i dont think he does as much womans fits thats why theres more issues with your order

    also the new price was even better than before! its $180 shipped world wide now

  8. how long have you worn them? mine got softer after 2 months and waist is finally stretching out (not that i want it to). been bending over and crouching more, putting more pressure on the waist

  9. will all unsanforized/unwashed denim get leg twist when theyre washed?

    how do we sanforize/initial soak so they dont leg twist? will soaking before sewing prevent leg twist? or will you end up working with some weird twisted denim?

  10. Thanks

    so the minimum would be 3 machines? a straight stitch, a serger, and a chainstitch? how much do they usually run for?

    if i were to practice/learn, would a straight stitch machine be good for now?

  11. of course theres a market for faded jeans. thats what the majority of the world wears remember? not everyone knows/likes to fade their own jeans like us, so you can sell your faded pairs for a nice amount too. i would suggest washing before selling though....

    $516 is insane though LOL

  12. is it possible to make a pair of jeans with one machine that can do all the stitches?

    i know some stitches arent requires but are nice to have. so is there a machine that can do top stitching, surging, lock stitches, button holes, bar tacking, chain stitch? any stitches im missing?

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