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  1. I haven't had a professor of anything for many long years now. But it's a conundrum while, say, ordering a beer like an Asahi, or listening to my neighbor brag about speeding on his Hayabusa. Pretty minor. Even though I know it's wrong I say it the way the person needs to hear it.

    Or asking an SA about margiela or lanvin or something. Not because they have no clue but because I don't.

  2. your view on the culture seems to be from a very narrow perspective..

    if you can't find the records, you're listening to the wrong music/on the wrong tip.

    if you're trying to spin the rare soundcloud mixes or bandcamp edits vinyl aint for u.

    after working the bins at amoeba I know good records can be found at good prices.

    have you been looking? learning? expanding?

    don't play much hip hop anymore mostly play house/techno/italo/minimal..

    This was the entire point of my post. That vinyl isn't for everyone/making fun of someone using serato + a laptop is pointless.

  3. What exactly is the difference between 19cms and new cures size wise. Are they overall just less tapered? The leg openings however are similar, is the rise and seat also the same?

    Rear rise on diors has another couple inches, it's got the butt darts, the leg's way looser... overall it's a way better cut IMO. new cures also taper in and then flare out at the leg opening while diors go straight down

  4. If you've paid your dues carrying vinyl on buses, planes, cabs or cars, learned the ins and outs of the records you've collected over the years and are respected for doing so, feel free to apply your talents to serato etc, til then hang the mp3j!

    Meh, I can't even get most of the records I want to play on vinyl because they don't exist in that format. I'm guessing you do hip hop? I've been using Traktor for about 5 years, most of the stuff I want to drop tends to be unreleased dubplates because it's the only stuff people aren't sick of already. No way I'm waiting til the EP is released on vinyl (if ever) and shipped to my house. Usually bring a backup USB or CDs in case my laptop shits the bed so i can just switch to pure CDJs, though.

    I have some friends that DJ on vinyl, it's cool to see once but the problem is that unless you're dirty rich, you invariably end up playing the same tired-out shit after awhile. There's an event around here that's the same fucking drum and bass tracks every week because they use vinyl. Hip-hop and scratch DJing is a totally different game, though, and not what I'm talking about.

  5. I hate Southern California.

    I hate people who DJ from a laptop.

    I hate hand/neck tats on sleeveless ppl.

    I hate people who support laptop DJ's.

    I hate not finding good records.

    I hate bud light. I hate motorists.

    I hate Los Angeles.

    Are you talking about laptop DJs as in straight off the laptop (fuck that), or do you mean Serato or Traktor where they're using real equipment but feeding in the tunes from a laptop? I do not want to burn all my songs to CDs before a DJ gig just to get some street cred or whatever.

  6. New in box Maison Martin Margiela black side-zips with gold sole, size 43 - $490


    Ann D suit (black), size L - $425


    Absolutely beautiful 50/50 wool/rayon blend suit from Ann D. The suit jacket fits 40 (slightly oversized as intended) to 42, and the pants have gorgeous Riri zips to adjust the waist, so are a bit more freely sized. The lining is 50/50 rayon/cotton.

    9.5/10 condition, the breast and rear right pockets are still sewn shut.

    number (n)ine harness trousers, size 4 - $140


    N(n) harness trousers from the spring 2007 collection. They can be worn with the harness up, or as regular pants. Absurdly well-made with impressive tailoring details throughout. Rear pocket flaps can be worn out or tucked into the pockets. Darts on the front of the thigh and the back of the knee. 9.5/10 condition, these pants are the best thing ever but they're slightly too large on me in the waist - I'm not really opposed to keeping them for myself, however, so please no lowball offers.

    waist (aligned): 17.5"

    thigh at crotch: 13"

    inseam: 34

    Alexandre Plokhov leather bomber jacket (brand new with tags), size 42 - $650


    Former Cloak designer Plokhov, from spring '12 season. Fits TTS

    Dries Van Noten cropped knit trousers, size L - $100


    Size L, waist is about 16" unstretched to about 20" stretched.

    Shirts, all fit 50


    In order of appearance:

    NWT Robert Geller, size 50 - $80

    Yigal Azrouel, size M - $80

    V Ave Shoe Repair, size 50 - $70

  7. okay guys. thanks in advance. Im in NYC for a few days and im looking to pick up a pair of DH 19 cm.

    I have 32s in APC petite standard and when I tried on the DH 19 cm in 32s they were great except I couldn't button it. I tried on the 33s and I could, it was a perfect fit. I've owned DH 21 cm before and I remember they stretch out. Should I get the 33s? I mean if I get the 32s I couldn't even button them on to stretch them. thanks!

    The jeans aren't really meant to be worn like APCs. I wouldn't size down more than one from your true size.

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