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  1. Levi's Vintage Clothing

    saw that listing the other day and though how long will they be up before the listing gets pulled by the fake police!
  2. Shoes that look better with age...

    Ordered a pair of William Lennon 78PTC Derby boots today. Left off the brogue pattern across the toe caps and added a couple of inches to the height.
  3. What about Jeans Jackets ....

    my lee westerner
  4. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    great! now you can get them on and off they'll ease up with use. crazy though eh? i'm not mad on the shade of brown but it's okay.
  5. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    When mine were new my foot would only just slide into them. it took some doing. They'd get stuck and i'd have to push and wiggle to get them on but they would always go on. once on they were always fine. getting them off was impossible without a boot jack. as big truck mentioned they got easier over time as they broke in. i still use a boot jack if one is handy but they will come off without one. they're excellent boots if you can get over that difficult new stage. hope your's come back better matt.
  6. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    got to agree matt. they were almost impossible to get on when new as others mentioned on this thread. mine are now just right and come on and off easy enough and no slipping either. mine got easier day by day. the first few weeks were a killer though. i didn't have any of these issues with the studded ones.
  7. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    looking great nick. how are they working out?
  8. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    stick with them matt. still wearing mine daily and they're now soft as slippers. they were about the hardest engineers i've ever broke, maybe my first 2268's were as tough but i can't really remember.
  9. Lofgren of Japan (Speedway)

    I though the original price quote sounded a touch low too.
  10. Leepro Appreciation

    my 36 waist lee's will shrink down to approx 37 inside leg with a warm soak. not much and no wear near 33 so you may want to have them hemmed once you've soaked them. I can recommend ironheart for hemming. http://www.ironheart.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=101
  11. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    tightened the instep strap on both my rrl engineers. I have a hole punch for leather work and popped a couple of extra holes in the strap. i also wear insoles and they don't slip. I find most engineers need the instep strap adjusting tighter for me.
  12. The Flight Jacket Thread

    thanks but a 48 is too big for me. john ought to buy it back just to show customers how good his stuff gets!
  13. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    as i understand it yanansi the rrl engineers you see in the pictures above are all julian made. the murdock produced ones are quite different. this is all mentioned a couple of pages back on this thread.
  14. The Flight Jacket Thread

    thanks airfrogusmc. That hide is stunning!
  15. RRL Rodeo Ralph Lauren

    I'd recommend a size up too yanansi. it worked for me and some other people here. there's some posts on this further back on this thread just incase you haven't seen them.