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  1. ^that's about 8-9 inches approx?? not too baggy imho. tried on some cdg carpenter pants the other day that probably sit in that range. looked pretty good when no break; also worked with a beefy cuff. imho once you start to get to wider pants it's more a question of silhouette + drape + how they'll fit your body type. i have a pair of y-3 trousers that have a similar width (based solely on eyeballing the hems laid flat) and they end up like this:

    but i've noticed they drape forward more than they flare at the outseam/inseam so >_>

  2. i seem to recall someone talking about single-strap/sling type backpacks?
    there's this bedwin one
    which is cool but pretty expensive imho ($612 on bodega)

    and there's the default patagonia atom sling
    which is alright i guess but meh?

    i've been considering the patagonia mass sling though. closer to regular backpack looks + seems to have decent space as a daypack + 13" padded laptop sleeve
    personally feel it would benefit from a water bottle holder though

  3. suburban techwear


    needs it to properly stroll down side walks, say hi to his polite neighbors who just moved in, avoid that dog down the street, and play CoD or smth


    I hope someone steals his jacket like it's a 90s Tommy.

    someone on here find him & do it pls

  4. ^and thus you begin posting with great fury. glad you took my suggestion to start sharing your "archives" on here lol. ndestrukts are cool. + used to really want air unlimiteds. like air max 2 strong on steroids.
    vintage montrail seems really cool too. i'll try looking into brand's older output eventually

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