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  1. king of pain

    1. ordo


      blind man looking for a shadow of doubt

    2. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      world turning circles running round my brain

  2. i forgot about how badly durabuck ages

  3. thinking of copping some white mountaineering how is build/feel on their apparel

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    2. herpsky


      they fit weird. not really cut well for wypipo

    3. noramimi


      i had a goretex shell and it was cut and made pretty well

    4. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      @herp the measurements on rak ok wid me tho

  4. realizing you're past the 2000 post threshold and asking yourself "wtf"

  5. can i log in and not have to come across "Care-Tags" for once

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    2. cheapmuthafukr


      What's a care tags

    3. I told a mod to fuck off
    4. cheapmuthafukr


      Just checked out the best waywt thread there... Its worse than the worst waywt thread here.

  6. 3am burg craving

    1. SSchadenfreude


      does jollibee got burgr? is good?

    2. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      is k. very pinoy taste. burger steak better imo

  7. shrugged when you negged me; got annoyed when i saw you still wear boatshoes/deckshoes with your vanilla chinos and broadcloth shirts

  8. who is in sufu carnivores club? has anyone broken the chain by copping black/red/gold pair???

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    2. llobey


      holla holla gamers

    3. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o
    4. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]


      black and purple as in the og colorway???? ;_;

  9. if skeet is back to being skeet can i b kuya swagpoo again

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    2. po_boy_fuuma_hatesbargerz


      ordo please rename me to tuff streetcred. thanks. also please rename kuya swagpoo to lola swagpoo.

    3. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      ^lola swagpoo? damn do i look that geriatric????

    4. po_boy_fuuma_hatesbargerz
  10. happy mother's day ya'll

  11. wut happen to shamek it was getting good ._.

    1. cdglove


      back 2 stormfront 2 catch up with his 'racial idealist' buddies

  12. wut happen 2 alex vs satan fit battle? did satan die @ first alex fit?

    1. cdglove


      should've deleted his account or taken up a new alias after that one

    2. hooper
  13. never found out why my member title is "1000"

    1. griffin119


      I think it was given when you got your 1000th post.

    2. FiggRow


      do mods just give away titles? i saw Santanas and i like it. "legend in his own mind"

    3. ordo


      i thought that was fitting

  14. if i woke up with superpowers i'd probably go insane and murder thousands of people

  15. cosmos has dropped a "what to cop" problem on me. don't know if i should be grateful or hate the paradox of choice.

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    2. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      kuya i don't know ;_; indecision lol

    3. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      (although v tempted to get those adidas joints i put in weird sneaker thread)

    4. po_boy_fuuma_hatesbargerz


      o does are cool. deffo kop

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