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  1. Just copped a pair of 008 sz 32 from BiG, these jeans are ridiculously awesome. Bought it Saturday morning and it arrived in my doorstep this morning(live in MA).

    A huge step up from my other 2 pair (APC and N&F). The rise isn't a big issue, I always wear under armor compression shirts under all my clothes and tucked in, so my ass won't be showing. Only thing I need to get use to is the feel of the denim, it feels like card board, hopefully it softens up.

    6'1 177 lbs 30 inch waist. Don't know how people can size down in these things, I have a 12" tighs so I sized according to that, and it fits me perfectly. The waist is a tad bit loose but I always wear a belt so I'll be fine since these don't stretch much at all.

    More detailed fit pics coming, probably tomorrow during the day for quality.

    Props to the peeps at BiG, will definitely be buying from there again.


  2. Trying to up my denim game right now and have been eyeing imperial dukes for a LONG time.

    Thing is I'm not sure what to size. I'm currently wearing a tag 30 APC rescues. Which I bought back in June (was about 10 pounds heavier and had a 32 waist.. Haven't washed it once so it has stretched quite a bit.

    Now I'm 6'1 175lbs with a 30 inch waist measured my thighs and it came up to 12". To my understanding dukes are slimmer then rescues. So should I size up 32 and hope for the best even though SE has the thigh measurement at 11.25 or size to a 33?

    I would like a fit similar to this

    new dukes size 30 first wear



  3. I got it posted on ebay right now. 3 days left until the auction is over. Starting bid starts at 350. I tried removing the reserve price but some reason why it won't let me, so I have it set at $351.00.

    It is a Black in size medium. I will ship in in USPS priority mail with confirmation.


    If you have any questions you can pm me or post it here.

  4. why u getting a M

    thats yr bad fam

    First time buying a Supreme item. Liked the jacket because it didnt have the huge Supreme box logo splattered on it and the jacket really does look nice. I wear a medium on all my other clothing and jacket, like Spiewak.

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