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  1. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Those jeans look seriously perfect, fit and fades and roping and all. Nice work!
  2. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    Im already slacking! Anyway, thought i could post up what current jeans I'm wearing. Not sure I ever even posted that I got these! I got them a few years ago but I fade jeans way slower now that I'm not in college, and pandemic etc, but they're coming along super nice. Best way I could describe the denim is just luxurious. For some reason when i first got into denim I didn't like the idea of LHT, but I'm super glad I got these; these are probably my favorite fitting jeans and denim is insanely comfortable and beautiful. I can't wait to see these super worn! RJB D105-14FW
  3. itsbenhere

    The Flat Head

    You rang? But actually, I do have some new stuff I could post that I've got over the years... I should get around to that! Like Cold Summer, some big life changes, so just fell off posting here for some reason...
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