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  1. Posting for Karl Nikolai

    Please avoid doing business with Kien Tran Tuan on Facebook, @khali on Grailed, @automata.195 on Instagram. He’s notoriously known for his standing history of poor feedback. Gave him a chance and had to post this.

    Upon receiving the J28-K, I was severely disappointed to see the condition in person. Was not as described (9/10 condition) with full delamination around the collar; stains behind the collar, back of jacket, and elbows. Snags at the lower back of the jacket as well. I handwashed the jacket with Grangers and none of the stains could be removed while the midlayer of the jacket could be seen floating inbetween the shell and inner layer of the fabric (delamination). 

    Jacket is still wearable and some of these details are nitpicking, but I would fully understand if the description was described accurately in terms of use and age rather than trying make a deal with hype.

    Photo Apr 02, 12 24 49 PM.jpg

    Photo Apr 02, 12 24 33 PM.jpg

    Photo Apr 02, 12 02 56 PM.jpg

    Photo Apr 02, 12 02 40 PM.jpg

    Photo Apr 02, 12 01 48 PM.jpg

    Photo Apr 02, 12 01 35 PM.jpg

    Photo Mar 05, 10 55 53 PM.jpg

    Photo Mar 05, 11 13 39 AM.jpg

  2. On 1/24/2017 at 4:15 PM, Bigyen said:


    can one of yous give me some advice (DM if you please)

    Loving the SS17 look book and looking to pick up a few pieces (jacket and pants): 40-42 chest, 34" waist,  size 4 Sound about right?

    any good places to get the larger sizes? I'm in NYC so maybe some of the stores there?

    Or am I playing myself and won't find these sizes or they wont fit?


    Hey Thanks!

    34" waist is gonna be tough because I float between a 31-32" and size 3 and 4 are still super snug on me.  Maybe cause I have thunder thighs, but still. Just a warning! 

  3. FS // Acronym Presto Volt (DS) Size Med


    j46-s // black // size med
    p17-ds // p24a-s /black/ size small
    ds-hd2 /black or dust M/L  (preferably black and not one that's 499 USD that's been worn for 9 months) 
    3a-1-SVR any condition 

    Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 4.23.03 PM.png

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