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  1. thank you hollowsleather and devilish for your kind words. actually i've been looking for type1 for so long but i got the rider first before 506, it was just hard to find my size....

    Tiger; i thought you would cop type 2 Momotaro but SC looks good as well...

  2. Great idea, 15 month would be pretty nice. 30 contestants sounds like a lot. I've been away for a while, so I don't know if it is still like this, but with that many contestants I expect a lot of them to opt out... 15 sounds healthier, but might affect the discount. Plus you would probably have to hand pick each contestant, which might result in sour faces and an elitist reputation...

    And hey, Kayo, you should organize a Party at Red Wing Amsterdam for the European Chapter at 7.5 month or something. Or at the end for everybody. Or both?! You are the No. 1 Denim Party girl as far as I can tell, so get this done, okay?! ;) If you do this, you can cheer all you want, I promise. I'll even get you some Pompoms. ;P

    or really? thanks for your compliment even though i dont really look like one ;)

    frankly i dont know why i'll be doing this contest, some people take it seriously but cmonn..... do i look like a big competitor to y'all? let's just have some fun here ok...

    First of all, a big Thank You to Florian (Max Power) and Tilmann (beautiful_Freak).

    I think a few 'must' in this contest,

    1. Newspaper start

    2. Kayodic in contest :D

    The rest is fine with me, although I prefer 18 months duration. But I think I can go with what the majority wants.

    hahaha... we'll see what i can do.... i have 0 chances of winning, that's why BF and Max put me in this contest! :D

  3. so guys, let me join the LVC lovers here...

    i know there are so many good LVC stuff floating around on ebay but it's just hard to get very petite size. i've been looking for this type1 jacket for a while and didnt manage to get the right size even though some online shops have small size, the fit is still a bit loose. lucky me i found this Japan repro 506 big E in size 34 (XS) on ebay, hopefully the jacket does the justice to me.






    hey, i did my homework too :)


    and fit pics



  4. AHShadow; if you want to compare it with APC, it will be more/less similar to new standard not petite standard which has lower rise than JB skinny straight or NF skinny guy.

    hope that helps you.

    pup; you should check this guy's G003MB. he's doing the wear and tear project with his Copper label.

  5. slash2ice; Pure Blue Japan xx013 slim tapered will fit you well.... plain backpocket and not too big.



    Sling and Stones Naomi, plain backpocket and very tight jeans (feel like skinnies). the jeans fit women curves nicely, i think you'll like this.


    angela and exteeng; ohh... those torn faded jeans.... love both Balders!

  6. Ranon; thank you my friend, i'm humbled... your kinds words are more than enough... indeed i had such great time, who didnt? with those burgers, brownies, beers and blokes LoL....

    Obbigood; cheers James... i'll post Benzak's edition soon on OGL thread ;)

  7. (caution, pictures overload)

    On July 22nd Amsterdam based Red Wing store celebrated the wicked one year anniversary. The shop in the nine streets pays tribute to the rich history of the brand, which was launched in 1905 by Charles Beckman, having spotted a growing demand for sturdy work boots.

    Together with denim boutique Tenue de Nîmes the American brand set up shop in the distinctive Reestraat, carrying a substantial assortment of Red Wing shoes as well as various accessories including American Optical, Duluth Pack, Heritage Leather Company, Royal Republiq, Tanner Goods and The Hill-Side.

    Red Wing Amsterdam threw the mighty cool one year anniversary party by providing Beers, Bourbon, Burgers, Brownies, Band and Bags (a sturdy tote canvas bags which are very limited, and specially made for Red Wing Amsterdam).

    Thank you Red Wing Amsterdam for such a great event, i'm more than happy and honored to take part of this party so here they are the pictures that i took for Red Wing Amsterdam one year anniversary party.











    to be continued.....

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