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  1. On 1/20/2018 at 6:37 AM, MasonAlexander said:

    Admittedly, this was not today, but I did just get sent these photos by the photographer today. So I figured I might as well sneak these in

    Thomas Farthing

    Merry Company Henly

    Vintage 1920s jacket

    Knickerbocker trousers

    Vintage boot

    (photographed by a fellow named Brandon Artis on 35mm film)





  2. It's been a long while since I've posted as life has been pretty crazy for the last year but here's a quick update on my Eternal's.


    Eternal 883

    15 Months

    2 washes


    *Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics. Did my best to get as close to actual color.

    **These have turned out to be my fav pair so far next to my Blue Owl x Momotaro BOM001's





  3. Really liking these!

    Wish there were still some available, would snap them up in an instant.


    Thanks tion4.


    They were such a random and lucky pickup during the last holiday season off eBay.


    They fit perfect from day 1 and have been a favorite ever since. I want them to last as long as possible because it's not everyday you get a pair that fits so well. So at this point they maybe get 2-3 days a week actual wear. 

  4. There's actually way more but I've found as with my vintage t-shirts that at a certain point if there's too many that are just sitting in the closet not being worn, they actually cause me more stress and anxiety than they do pleasure and enjoyment :blink: So I try to keep the collection to just the absolute "must haves" or just simply the rarest and/or best. 


    Kind of an eclectic wish list:


    ONI 517 

    Studio D'Artisan SD601-99 

    Samurai S710XX 

    Denime 66XX 

    Sage Marcher 22oz 

    PBJ XX-010 Purple Face 

  5. Here:






    防縮加工 - 'Shrink Proof'


    You might see it sometimes referred to as ã‚µãƒ³ãƒ•ã‚©ãƒ©ã‚¤ã‚ºãƒ‰åŠ å·¥ - 'sanforised processing', but the Fab Four site uses the term é˜²ç¸®åŠ å·¥ as above.


    Hope that helps.




    Thank you very much @hoggreaser for the definitive answers.


    Much appreciated.  B)

  6. Right I understand what the sanforized process is. 


    But if they are in fact even partially sanforized it seems odd that I can find no mention of it anywhere, not even the fabfour site.


    Not a big deal, but it's always kinda bugged me.


    I'm well versed in our world of denim.

  7. We've discussed this previously and I still cannot find any information that suggests the 5510 and 5507 are sanforized.


    BIG states: "Rigid/Unwashed"


    Denimio states: "raw denim is not prewashed it shrinks by 3-4% after washing"


    shop.fabfour.co.jp/ states: "Non-Wash"


    Can you site a reference that states these two models are sanforized?


    I have read up on the process of what it means for a textile to be sanforized. 






    So I'm gonna go back to my original statement that my 5507 6x6 pair were truly raw, unsaforized when I purchased them in 2010 at SELA.

  8. That's a proper pair of jeans @sardonicsmirk. I really like the more subtle fading and lighter indigo color.


    Personally I kinda like the arcs but @chantheman is right they will fade with more wear to the point where you really wont see them much anymore.


    If you do decide to remove them I've always found an exacto knife works real well. I just cut each stitch very carefully and then pull out the threads. Super easy.

  9. One thing that i immediately noticed that i didnt think of is that the leather key holder has muted most of the key noise when walking. Wohoo super stoked, i was a bit annoyed about that noise before..


    Nice simple setup you got going there Chewie.  B)

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