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  1. On 9/26/2021 at 10:05 PM, mpukas said:

    @oomslokop yeah, saw those on the 'net somewhere. I still love Samurai, although some of their collabs don't do it for me, too much going on. These seem really cool. Strongly considering, and have wanted a pair of 710's for a long time. I really dig them, but I've had a very expensive year, and a long need/want list... 

    I'm waiting for Sammy bootcut jeans prefer high rise ... eyeing IH the boss cut 20oz really cool to rock with boots and classic sneakers on bike.


  2. I think Oblue are some label that is growing tremendously over this yrs . The samurai colabs got some unique details pros to OBlue .I like the back pocket arc personally. 

  3. On 9/27/2021 at 5:29 PM, Mtvare said:

    Actual waist measurements are a complicated business in themselves I think. My actual waist measurement at the narrowest point (which is your official 'waist' measurement I believe) is 34". That's where my TCB 40s ought to sit. But my waist an inch and a half lower down is 35" - that's where my IH 634s ought to sit.

    That's why I find it useful to know what others are doing who are wearing the same jeans as me - you can bypass that kind of complication. Knowing that someone is consistently a size 34 in a brand that you own (assuming that brand's sizing is reasonably consistent) is more useful than knowing their (supposed) waist measurement. If it works for them it'll probably work for me, even if the way everything fits together is slightly different on them than on me.

    That's not exactly to repudiate anything that you've suggested @Duke Mantee, just to explain how I find that 'rules of thumb' can actually be more reliable than measurements sometimes (not more reliable than measuring the actual pieces, granted).

    Thanks for your help. (I wasn't aware of the sizing convention for belts.)

    You might have to consider shilouete of.your jeans .. high rise mid rise..low rise it dose effect you belt prong placement

  4. Almost 1 year wearing this straight razor on and off ...I like this slim fit cut after breaking in it become more comfortable ...you can wear any kind of foot wear ..sneakers..boots etc it look great this is my Converse x Ambush very comfy boots for walking






  5. On 2/18/2021 at 1:10 AM, 501zxx said:

    Hi there folks,

    I have bought a pair of Denime jeans and try to find some info about it.

    I couldn't find any on the internet.

    Hope you guys can help with this one.

    Thnx for the effort







    Wow where do you cop this...first company of Denime Orozonti and in classic model ..any pair left in size W38?

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