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  1. Iron Heart Jeans

    for canadian customs it is all based on markings. if marked as merchandise over 20.00 may incur customs charges. If marked as a GIFT value must be below 60.00. i have bought tons from JP and rarely get hit by customs; although i have preferred shops i have dealt with for a long time and they are happy to mark my packages as gift value 5000 yen, so avoid customs charges. have maybe been hit twice on close to a hundred packages. so for me its a no brainer to get direct from jp
  2. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    SE had free shipping, and know how to mark the customs form a certain way. Must pay for shipping now, and customs form is not "friendly" for internationals so almost guaranteed to get hit with customs charges and the extra taxes associated which will add on a sizeable chunk.
  3. Roy. (expurgated edition)

    shame not through SE anymore. Would think they would be cheaper direct. But will actually be more expensive now for internationals.
  4. The Flat Head

    I'm sorry, but to me it looks like you raided your tiny girlfriends closet.
  5. Iron Heart Jeans

    Dude. Just put in the market where this kind of post is supposed to be.
  6. Lawless denim - kickstarter project

    Why don't you just reverse the charges through paypal or your credit card company. its all well and good that you are willing to go through the process to give an accurate account, but that all sounds like a waste of your time, energy, and money. in this day and age if you can't deliver goods or for that matter at least respond to emails, then i would have zero interest in dealing with them. still sounds like a complete shit show. and if you wait for your goods and they're not what you wanted/ordered, what then. another huge headache in communication to get that sorted out. f++k that. cut your losses, and give your money to a company that actually appreciates your business, as there are lots out there.
  7. Iron Heart Jeans

    It will have patch. Same as the one used on the original 634sr and 634sraw, by the looks of pics on Hakari blog and other jp shop pictures I have seen. It is the patch that is pictured with the flasher.
  8. The Strike Gold

    what does it look like with the hood on. if it doesn't work with the hood up, to small.
  9. NoKipple - Official Thread

    Unless he is s papered dog and you wanted to breed him is the only reason to keep them. i have been in the same boat as you with several dogs. first ones kept their nuts; they never had problems (and i was sure to raise them right (big sucks)) but they do wander more, especially if there is a faint smell of a b..tch in heat, territorially piss on stuff more, and if they do get in fights, regardless if they start it or not, if your dog has the balls, he's the one to blame. just the way it is i've found. dogs get cut now, less hassle, less fuss, fewer headaches. i used to believe it was cruel, but they don't notice and they can still lick their change purse just fine. always said i would want to keep them incase he turned out to be great dog so I could breed for a son. hurts to loose a friend if it happens, but always possible to find another good soulmate. your making the right decision. male pride. been there.
  10. http://justsomething.co/23-craziest-japanese-inventions-you-never-knew-existed/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/awesomely-impractical-japanese-inventions
  11. Iron Heart Jeans

    agreed on that count. 25oz 633 would be an insta-cop
  12. when's the release of the IH635
  13. NoKipple - Official Thread

    wool or acrylic
  14. Iron Heart Jeans

    this is a link to a shop that has a pair of 36 khaki. they ship internationally. have dealt with them in the past with no problems http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/fukuraku/item/13denim-ih-706/#googtrans/ja/en also looks like IHUK has 2 pairs of 36 khaki listed.
  15. Iron Heart Jeans

    Look at the 705, even better. Super heavy but break in very nice. What size are you looking for?