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  1. No matter how fancy the AA characters get, my favorite will always be Shobon

    ( ´・ω・)


    Also Aramaki


    .        / ,' 3  `ヽーã£

            l   ⊃ ⌒_ã¤


    what is that some sort of special kaomoji? im new to this stuff. looks cool though

  2. i aint gonna lie brah i participated in this whole menswear trend and when i look at some of my older fits im like "damn this shit was horrible" and some of them im like "okay this shit is cool"

    i just read this entire thread and had a lot of laughs. this trend has taught me alot about the fashion industry and has ultimately forced me to rethink some shit.

    okay i got all deep and philosophical on yall but you feel me

  3. img5789i.jpg

    yo it's me again


    white tee

    siki siki

    adidas (no fake)


    i understand that coat is RAF and is probably supposed to be oversized or something cool like that but that sleeve looks really weird and too long imo

  4. you know what i hate? when that spotify advertisement comes on and you lower the volume but if you lower the volume down to zero the advertisement will stop. so you essentially have to listen to advertisement in order to get to the next song. dangit!

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