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  1. yo, I've always LOVED the more Avant Garde stuff. But whenever I had the money to get a legit piece i kinda opped out. Currently my style is somewhere in the semi "#menswear" realm. Im sort of aiming to switch my casual style by challenging myself with this stuff. Or just downright incorporating it. for example more drapier looser tops paired with high tops and stuff like that. I'm 5'7 and sort of slim/average build and I have dreads. so i figure playing with height and proportions is important. I really like demeulemeester, rick, geller & Juun. I also really like Junya Watanabe too. Help a brotha' out.

  2. They all have these sexually frustrated looks on their faces.

    I can't tell if it's because they're closet homosexuals or because no woman in their right mind would have sex with a guy wearing jeans and a bow tie.

    or maybe they're just straight up gay. ever consider that?

  3. ^ did robert geller make a clear pair of davids maybe?

    prism make clear fames like that too, a bit thinner and tiny bit larger though. oc stock them among other people.

    thanks for help, can you link me to these brands/stores?

  4. This thread automatically loses any credibility because homi aka mr internetfame follows some of the biggest #menswear blogs. talk about #hypocritical. why try to start some shit if you're a fan of it.

    so what? I still fux with homi though.

    To be honest i've always felt torn in between this whole #menswear thing. Because I've always loved the "left field" avant garde stuff. But still appreciate well tailored classics. I had to take a second and realize though, that I dont want to look like I just stepped out of a time machine. I think thats whats wrong right now is alot of people not really trying to push the whole thing forward. its too retro and "classic" obsessed.

    which is why I just walk the middle ground now...

    in other news,ya boy Nick Wooster tryna trade teams


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