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  1. $315 Shipped USA Up for sale is a brand new Yuketen Johnny Boot in size 11.5 (Hand made in Canada). These boots are perfect if you wear 11.5 or 12. They were purchased from Yuketen for over $500 (Sold out). Brand new and only tried on in the house. If you have any questions please contact me anytime. The Johnny is Yuketen’s take on the classic Boondocker boot, reinterpreted through Yuki Matsuda’s design perspective. A cap toe with medallion detailing in addition to vintage Biltrite tap sole and Cat’s Paw heel push the familiar Boondocker silhouette into new territory resulting in a shoe that has its roots in World War II era military dress yet remains uniquely Yuketen. Each shoe is Goodyear-welted with classic American machinery. The upper is crafted from rich and malleable pull-up leathers, resulting in wonderful contrasts and patinas over time. The updated shape of the Johnny originates from the mil-spec last used for this model that is specifically designed for army infantry to guarantee long-wearing comfort. Natural leather insoles ensure conformity to the shape of the wearer’s foot for long-term comfort in addition to Tap half soles and Cat’s Paw heels which are hand nailed onto a heavyweight leather outsole base. The Johnson also boasts a natural leather welt and leather laces to complete the outward statement of high-quality materials and construction. The quality components and classic details that make up the Johnny Boot are intrinsic elements of Yuketen shoes that reiterate Yuketen’s commitment to unique and fulfilling footwear. Goodyear-welt construction Bench made, hand lasted Steel shank reinforcement Biltrite Tap Sole and Cat’s Paw Heel
  2. sold

    sold Wallet measures at 3.5"x6" and the Lanyard is 10"
  3. $45 shipped usps w/tracking anywhere in USA. Retails for $110 , made in Japan. Selling because its too small for me
  4. railcar fine goods

    Another Arcadian here .... just wanted to say awesome work man. Fit and denim look on point. I'll be dropping by one of these days to check out the showroom
  5. Iron Heart Jeans

    Trying to shrink the Hell out of the Devil
  6. Up for sale is a pair of well worn 3sixteen Slim taper in size 33. Waist measures 35-36 , length 31 , hem 8" . No rips or repairs , still have life and will look good on someone. $40
  7. Ofwgkta...swag Swag!

    Its not a masterpiece but its a damn good album. Didnt really like it the first time I heard it all the way through but It grows on you
  8. SOLD

    Hi , up for sale is a fairly new pair of Samurai 710's with red tab and hidden arc's Lot 14 denim. I have too much denim at the moment and these get no love. They have only been warm soaked for about 40 mins and worn less than 5X. Another soak or wash should get the shrinkage out and you'll be ready to go. $SOLD shipped anywhere in the US&A ( paypal add 4% ) Current measurements are Waist: 17.5 Length 37 Knee 8.75-9 Leg Opening 8.5
  9. APC

    Saw this on ebay also .. used to have one but probably threw it away edit-Wow ended at $35
  10. soak baby.... yeahhhhhhh (clothing fetish videos)

    the used socks on ebay is really disturbing
  11. Got the Sam's last week . Thanks again syntax .... Legit seller here
  12. celebrity encounters

    Kiefer Sutherland 2X in last month . Both times in different bars and both times bought everyone drinks. Cool as fuck dude , wasnt even bothered by everyone asking for pics and chit-chat Floyd Mayweather at a club in vegas . Probably nicest celebrity/athlete Ive ever met. Talked to him for about 15mins