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  1. Visvim FW16

    This seeming decline in interest speaks to the menswear market at large, not specifically to vis. The market is simply saturated and therefore far less novel and exciting than it was ten years ago. High-end streetwear wasn't a thing back then but now it's everywhere. What was once a niche interest shared on forums and message boards is now a public commodity. Witness the cross-brand mainstream appeal of raw denim, vintage garments and the focus on handcrafted goods. These approaches always existed but weren't nearly as widespread as they are now. Vis possessed impeccable timing as their growth ran parallel to that of the larger developing market, specifically 2009 through 2014. This provided the brand, along with others, added momentum for which vis was a deserving beneficiary. Aside from some geographical missteps (HK, Singapore) they continually generate demand for their products even if their strategies (limited runs, backdoor Chinese resellers) are of a questionable nature. Their designs remain as intriguing and interesting as anything they produced five years ago. In the broader market this is less apparent due to the sheer volume of other choices available with far more favorable price points. Couple that with the fact that their cuts have become increasingly 'challenging', as Mike helpfully points out above, and you have a brand which becomes a labor of love. It's understandable if someone isn't willing to drop a couple grand to figure out sizing on a piece which will probably look odd on a Western frame. Buyer's remorse only stings more when you realize that the grey market has been dead for years and you're looking at pennies on the dollar in a private sale. Yet a few of us still solider on.. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  2. visvim ss16

    I've got a box full of repairs I can't wait to dump on these fools.
  3. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    a selection of dark trousers. price inclusive of shipping (US) and fees. CMYK Raw 03 34x30, black, worn briefly, like new w 86cm inseam 76cm hem 18.5 sold ss15 ND Indigo (bit darker irl) HW Chino's Giza Cotton, lightly worn, very soft like your moms bed size 3 - w 88cm inseam 68.5cm hem 19cm sold SS14 Fluxus Chino 04 Black (closer to dk indigo) size 3 - w 90cm inseam 81cm hem 19.5cm sold AW10 Fluxus Cords 04 Black, like new, rare all cotton size 3 - w 86cm inseam 78cm hem 19cm $125 SS10 HW Slacks Grey, wrinkled but like new Size XL - w 88cm inseam 68cm hem 19cm sold
  4. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    price inclusive of shipping and fee's Roland Joggers M12 (fit 11) new $430 ICT Artifact Coverall Lt Indigo size 3 - p2p: 53cm, shoulder: 43cm, length: 72cm $450 HW Slacks Navy, lightweight beach wool, worn once Size 4 - waist: 90cm, length: 68.5cm, hem: 17.5cm $275 Margery Shirt, Green Size 3 - p2p: 56cm, shoulder: 54cm, length: 68.5cm $125
  5. Visvim FW16

    agreed on both counts. silhouette of a zermatt was always huge and brigs really are the best.
  6. Visvim FW16

    the seasons a wet dream for sanjuro enthusiasts w/ six different types offered. the dotera is another iteration using silk, sometimes layered, as a lining. the most interesting piece is the shearling lined nd nylon lhamo robe which comes in at a cool 1.5mil yen. I'm interested to see how the dye holds up with wear. one thing you won't catch in the product pics is the quality and character of the fabrics, particularly the trousers. as mentioned above there's a fair amount of tweed, some put to unorthodox use. sadly the two styles with the best weaves, hakama and granger jodphurs, are also the least wearable. I order a pair of hw slacks in wool/linen/mohair, they offer cornell slacks in the same material. also of note is the wool buffalo check 20L, it's fun. footwear remains underwhelming and will remain so, we've got FIL exclusives for that. there's been some excitement over the new zermatt boot which is closer in aesthetic to brigs than a typical hiker and is w/o a tpu. for an outdoor themed season I was hoping for more parkas and gore but i guess we'll have to settle for uber puffers.
  7. VISVIM FW15

  8. VISVIM FW15

    waist strap was goofy anyway, i use mine for heavy lifting: bend with the knees!!
  9. VISVIM FW15

    ^^ pics please, would love to see this..
  10. VISVIM FW15

    ^^ whoop
  11. VISVIM FW15

    less generous than hw slacks, closer to a zermatt waist with a slim chino leg. for ref I'm a 3/4 in zermatts, 2 in slim chinos and take a 4 in cornells, 3 fits but the pockets pucker thus making them look too small. if you want to wear a mid-layer or anything more than a tee you'll need a 4, always size up on the Valdez. size 3: size 4: As you can see even a 4 is questionable, if I wanted to layer a sweater I'd need a 5 but then I'd be looking like ghostface.
  12. VISVIM FW15

    those fits have provided much needed comic relief this morning, thanks.
  13. VISVIM FW15

    ^lol not mention it's limited seasonality being a short-sleeved down.