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  1. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    ^^^ Why didn't you just get your dad to make a stitching pony..?
  2. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Heres what i've been up to lately. A fountain pen case project.
  3. Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    I mean wearing a pair of jeans with stacks and try hard not to look like a badly arranged mannequin. I fail almost all the time... Haha.!
  4. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    ^ No problem man. You could try skieving the D ring straps down too. That'll help with the less bulky thing.
  5. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    ^^^ Lazybum, can't wait till you get off NS man. Always liked your workmenship. Going in this year myself.
  6. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Well personally, i would have liked it more at the sides too. But hypotetically, lets just say a customer insists on having it at the handles on opposing sides maybe because he/she prefers the ergonomics that way. This is what you've got now. The "inverted Mac Ds" looks kind off odd IMO. Which is a pity seeing as the bag in general looks really prim and proper. Very old school classic English style bag to me. This is what i was thinking. Just slip it in along with the handle and rivet them together as per normal. So whilst you save time and materials, it looks less out of place too. Was talking about it with my girl. And she still found my idea too... Distracting.? So she was thinking of a more subtle version. Basically having the strap and the D ring placed behind the handle. Yet at the same time, above the piping so its easier to hook on the clasp. And at the same time, when it isn't being used, you could just flip it downwards and tuck it behind the handle. Which i thought was pretty smart. This is coming from a girl who doesn't fancy D rings. Haha.!
  7. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    If you could pull off the D rings even more sleekly, it'd be perfect. Great job on the piping and the structure of the bag.! Looks mint.!
  8. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Damn guys... MIA-ed for just a week and stuff are pouring in like mad here..! Thanks for the effort dude.! You've given me a hell lot to think about. Am using 4-5 oz now but am considering to switch over to 3-4 oz. Torn between shaving off a few mm or the suppleness... Sounds good.! Would love to hear some updates.! Damn...! Always wanted to get in on some concho making but shipping that block of steel is gonna suck. Unique stuff dude.! The antique paperwork was cool... Cant wait to see your site.! your work is dope as hell...! Freaking love your stitching.
  9. Belts

    Damn, this Old World looks great. Do update on patina and aging qualities.! Thats goood customer service.! Haha.!
  10. Punchable Faces (backpfeifengesicht)

    ^^ Thats a complex facial expression and body posture. Looks like his trying to let out a fart but his hoping that he wont leak shit. "Slowly.... Slowly..."
  11. Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    ^ Seconded, I cant pull of the stacks. More of a 1.5" cuff man.
  12. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Haha, tell me about it. Stared at my friend's flathead to figure it out.
  13. Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    Damn... That looks great..! Been trying to find a nice raw for my girl.! You reckon you can hook me up dude.?
  14. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    Jaw, The new light box is doing wonders. Kudos.
  15. Leathercrafting Creations: PYC

    I hope you dont mind me asking but is the shell on this wallet 3-4 oz.? Cause it looks like its ageing well.