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  1. Ooe yofukuten world tour 2009-2010

    fitting! actually, wt-jeans is tight for Ryo! Ryo is 185cm. Big japanese! Ohhhh somehow, ryo can wear it. We think wt-jeans stretches out a lot now. This is Ryo's real nice fit. Lot S1203xx (fabric #12 + s03xx cut) @ 7months Arigato(thank you in Japanese) everyone!
  2. Ooe yofukuten world tour 2009-2010

    The signature of 12 heroes This box is a special X'mas present for us. A lot of treasures some heart warming messages thanks!
  3. Ooe yofukuten world tour 2009-2010

    Thanks guys! and 12stars!! We are listening to a "sound track" of this USB-stick now! It's a big surprise for us!! love guys!! okay, open the box. We are very excited! good job! black box after/before Wooooow good fading
  4. Ooe yofukuten world tour 2009-2010

    Hello my dear friends! Finally, they came back to Japan!