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  1. usa :: pittsburgh :: general

    I went to college in the Burgh (U Pitt). It's a fun city but it's America's Beirut, at least where the campus is, in Oakland. Lots of crime, really skeezy. Fun place to slum it up for 4 years and smoke a lot of weed though. I need to go back, apparently the city has changed a lot and it's like mini-Williamsburg now, like what herpsky is saying. Probably some cool shit there now. Wouldn't want to live there though. If I'm going to a small city then it's going to be somewhere warm. If I'm going to get snowed on, I may as well be in Boston, NYC, or DC.
  2. What are you craving today?

  3. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Store update. Suede camps. Everything is already SO other than black, which is what I just got.
  4. Supreme 2011 F/W

    There was a minor restock, it appears. Tan club jacket was OOS, and now they've got it again.
  5. Supreme 2011 F/W

    I got my order already. Very pleased. Really wish I'd grabbed that tan club jacket now, all sold out. Next time I won't wait. Looking forward to the worker's parka though.
  6. Supreme 2011 F/W

    I noticed that too. Ridiculous that the demand is driven by what hats he has and has not worn in public. I might order the black one, just because. I don't even wear hats though, I just like it for some reason.
  7. Supreme 2011 F/W

    LOOOOOOLLL My confirmation email hit my mailbox at 11:45am, and the "Online Shop Now Open!" email hit the mailbox ONE HOUR LATER.
  8. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Store is still super slow. Didn't realize it wouldn't let me order 2 different colors of biggie tee, I wanted to fold@frame one and then wear one. Oh well. Velvet camps are still in stock, all other camps gone. Worker's parka must be a subsequent drop. I am disappoint.
  9. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Yeah, I'm doing several orders. Hopefully they'll be coolguys, realize it, and combine my shipping. If not, no big loss.
  10. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Not anywhere on the shop, and definitely not to checkout. I'm sure everything I put in my cart is gone by now. Which is fine, because honestly after 1-2 hours, the biggie tees and camp caps will all be gone but most of the rest of the collection will still be there. I *did* sort of want a biggie tee though, 90's teenager here.
  11. Supreme 2011 F/W

    I got things into my cart, but have yet to see the checkout page. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
  12. Supreme 2011 F/W

    refresh refresh refresh refresh
  13. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Fffuuuuuuu Let Me Check Out
  14. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Bloody hell JPN store is expensive. Is it always that much more than US? Y63,000 for a tee?
  15. Supreme 2011 F/W

    Don't know why this misinformation would be any sort of deterrent. How hard is it to jump on your computer on both days? Not like you're actually waiting in a line.