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  1. I went to college in the Burgh (U Pitt). It's a fun city but it's America's Beirut, at least where the campus is, in Oakland. Lots of crime, really skeezy. Fun place to slum it up for 4 years and smoke a lot of weed though. I need to go back, apparently the city has changed a lot and it's like mini-Williamsburg now, like what herpsky is saying. Probably some cool shit there now. Wouldn't want to live there though. If I'm going to a small city then it's going to be somewhere warm. If I'm going to get snowed on, I may as well be in Boston, NYC, or DC.
  3. Store update. Suede camps. Everything is already SO other than black, which is what I just got.
  4. There was a minor restock, it appears. Tan club jacket was OOS, and now they've got it again.
  5. I got my order already. Very pleased. Really wish I'd grabbed that tan club jacket now, all sold out. Next time I won't wait. Looking forward to the worker's parka though.
  6. I noticed that too. Ridiculous that the demand is driven by what hats he has and has not worn in public. I might order the black one, just because. I don't even wear hats though, I just like it for some reason.
  7. LOOOOOOLLL My confirmation email hit my mailbox at 11:45am, and the "Online Shop Now Open!" email hit the mailbox ONE HOUR LATER.
  8. Store is still super slow. Didn't realize it wouldn't let me order 2 different colors of biggie tee, I wanted to fold@frame one and then wear one. Oh well. Velvet camps are still in stock, all other camps gone. Worker's parka must be a subsequent drop. I am disappoint.
  9. Yeah, I'm doing several orders. Hopefully they'll be coolguys, realize it, and combine my shipping. If not, no big loss.
  10. Not anywhere on the shop, and definitely not to checkout. I'm sure everything I put in my cart is gone by now. Which is fine, because honestly after 1-2 hours, the biggie tees and camp caps will all be gone but most of the rest of the collection will still be there. I *did* sort of want a biggie tee though, 90's teenager here.
  11. I got things into my cart, but have yet to see the checkout page. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
  12. refresh refresh refresh refresh
  13. Fffuuuuuuu Let Me Check Out
  14. Bloody hell JPN store is expensive. Is it always that much more than US? Y63,000 for a tee?
  15. Don't know why this misinformation would be any sort of deterrent. How hard is it to jump on your computer on both days? Not like you're actually waiting in a line.