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  1. Yo impressive list, I'm really surprised to see Nashville on the list. Not because it was some shitty city to live in. Downtown Nashville is really impressive and has an awesome nightlife, music scene, and terrific restaurants. However, If you go outside of the small downtown area there wasn't much else, so most of the time you're locked in mostly dead areas except the occasional BBQ place or southern country-esque diner or restaurant, which was kinda ehhh. I'll vouch on Atlanta being another amazing city to live in, but in the end of the day you're still living in the South which for many people isn't quite the best region of the America to be living in.
  2. Urban Techwear

    I'm also super interested in the future of clothing in terms of techwear. Beyond furthering textiles and materials in clothes, I'm so curious to see what other ways even technology could be integrated into clothing itself. I've seen a lot of clothing-esque/tech items that use bluetooth or to connect mobile devices or computers to jackets or sneakers. I wonder if more companies in the near future will start having more integrated items such as Zegna Sport Icon jacket
  3. Urban Techwear

    @Tigerprawn Do you think the Veilance trousers are worth the price difference compared to Outlier or is it comparing apples to oranges? I've always been interested in purchasing trousers from other higher tech brands such as Veilance and Acronym, but wasn't quite sure if others thought that the small differences such as materials or details were worth the difference in price. But then again, most people I guess wouldn't care or be bothered by the price tag. I just wanted to see someone who's own both thought about the differences between the two companies.
  4. Learning new languages.

    Some semi useful websites if you haven't already known about them (maybe more for Japanese, Mandarin, Korean) livemocha.com (have to pay now used to be free, but it was a pretty good resource has a bunch of activities and opportunities to work with fluent speakers, staff) sharedtalk.com (part of rosetta stone, but you can match up with speakers from other languages to practice) lang-8.com (just like a daily journal for practicing writing but not sure they have French) I dunno I'm a heritage Korean speaker, and i've studied French, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin (currently) probably post-18. I suck at French, but I think i'm very basically conversationally fluent in three languages: Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. Nothing is better than just dedication and persistence. Just committing yourself to studying everyday will be important. I'd also just check out Frenchpod.com. I use Chinesepod.com which is from the same company and it's incredible resource.
  5. Urban Techwear

    Wow I've been looking for some "traditional" looking techwear shoes and those look like they fit the bill! Thanks for posting them Sue I hope I can get those chelsea's someday.
  6. Undercoverism "Anatomicouture" mens F/W 13

    I like the prints and designs. They might not be as intricate as the women's collection, but it seems like Jun is having fun with the collection. I'd buy it if I could afford UC
  7. The retail customer unappreciation thread.

    see it's tricky because unless you notice how the store folds you might just be wasting someone's time. I've seen people try and refold clothes they've tried on, but it didn't match the standards that our store had. I just told them it was alright because it would take the same amount of time to just refold it anyways. I've worked retail way too damn long, but it hasn't been too terrible. I don't care if customers ask dumb questions or don't know certain things. I mean I ask dumb questions in a lot of stores too. I fucking hate though when people have an attitude. Most people need to understand that if you work in retail, you don't get paid to serve customers. Workers are there to assist you, but don't get high and mighty, have an attitude, or expect someone to do something that they probably shouldn't do or can't do. The shit can hurt your pride sometimes, real talk. It's not worth the pennies and nickles they pay either.
  8. Backpacks

    Wow sucks on the visvim backpack When I read conceptshop I thought you meant concepts in MA. I checked out conceptshop in HK and the site looks kinda shady tbh. I hope everything works out for you though.
  9. Atlanta Meetup!!!

    Last post is pretty truthful to the entire scene in Atlanta just wondering though if there was anyone left in Atlanta. Go to school at GSU and live in Duluth so am down to meet some people.
  10. arcteryx veilance

    what jacket model is the fishtail parka at barneys is it under a different name??
  11. Outlier

    I've had the outlier supermarines for probably two months. There is the good and the bad with the shoes, but overall I've enjoyed them. They weren't super expensive, and I am glad I was able to buy them now. GOOD: Shoes are really comfortable after they break in. The construction is nice and definitely worth the money to me. It doesn't rain a lot where I live, but when it does I never have super problems wearing them around, unless I decide to jump into puddles or something like that. The material is light and breathable. I could definitely wear these out all year round. BAD: Shoes are slippery as fuck sometimes. I can slide and slip when I'm walking on wet marble so I can just imagine being on ice. They are really really tight too. It took about a month for them to break in. They are water resistant, but remember that doesn't mean waterPROOF. Water will leak through if you submerge them in water so as long as you aren't doing something crazy you should be fine. I'm looking forward to what else outlier has planned in the future.
  12. Selling a lot of my stuff planning on going to CHINA for two years with the peace corps. Don't need most of it or won't be using any of this stuff overseas so looking to sell 1) Price includes shipping, handling 2) Price does not include international shipping Spiewak Jacket M - 60$ s2s: 16.5" p2p: 20" length: 24.5" outershell is a cotton/nylon blend and lining is 100% nylon Zara flight bomber style polyurethane jacket S - 40$ s2s: 16.5" p2p: 18.5" length: 23" 2 Zara Derbies size 9 (50$, 40$) 40$ one - does not include shoebox and has a little bit of wear on the sole and shoe 50$ one - does include shoebox and has less wear on sole and shoe Zara wingtip sneakers size 9 40$ These are a little snug to be honest but they fit alright. I don't have any laces for them and no shoebox. Zara Gladiator-style sandals size 9 - 30$ they have some wear but they aren't too terrible. they are a little big on me, but I wear converse size 9, clark DB size 8 so maybe I am a size 8.5 or so again no shoebox unfortunately Nike Free Huarache Basketball 2012 - 70$ Fits pretty comfortably not a lot of wear except maybe on the sole. They're in the black and grey colorway Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items.