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    Sauce Zhan Forest model.  Initial impression- pretty nice overall.  Fit is good, but not great; I'll reassess after I've washed them, since I'm pretty sure they're unsanforized.  The denim is interesting, though much lighter than I'm used to, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just different.  Construction isn't as well done as all the familiar Japanese brands, but it's still very good, and any shortcomings are cosmetic, not functional.  I'll try to take some more pictures in the next couple of days, when I get some more time and better light.

  2. Great updates Foxy, Brew Dog is pretty good.

    Just to contribute to the beer talk I went out to Jester King here in Austin, had some great beer.

    Also managed to get a bottle of Prairie Pirate Bomb, fantastic stuff.

    eD5gqiB.jpgAtrial Rubicite.

    Oh, I so want to try that one.  I need to go to Jester King, but their limited hours are a killer for me.  I wish they had a higher volume, so that they could bottle more styles and distribute more consistently.  I keep getting emails from the brewery that make me consider making the 6 hour round trip just to buy a bottle or two of beer.  Colour Five was the most recent to grab my interest.

  3. Those look great Chris.

    Is there a general consensus when it comes to SDA tshirt sizing?

    I've been enamored with a few of their printed tees on Pants Shop Avenue for awhile now, thinking about getting a few.

    Based on my experience, SDA shirts are inconsistent.  I normally wear a Large in western brands and Iron Heart, and size 42 in Flat Head tees.  SDA short sleeve tees in size XL sometimes fit and sometimes don't.  Their long sleeve tees in size XL usually do.  I've bought from a few different stores on Rakuten (never Pants Shop, though) and the measurements have usually been accurate.

  4. Figured it's about time I post some pictures.  I've long since disqualified myself from the contest due to my lack of participation, but I've still been quietly wearing my jeans and slowly fading them.  For the record, these are Studio D'Artisan X's-33.





    And some quick detail shots of parts that I like.

    Coin pocket-



    The remarkably intact center seam (I always, always, always blow out the crotch in my jeans, so this just amazes me)



    Since I have small children and spend a lot of time crawling around, I also always end up with white spots at the knees.


  5. Great list, thanks for putting it together.


    I have a couple of thoughts to add-


    I haven't owned a pair, but I know several people that do, and they're uniformly impressed with the quality of Thorogood boots.  Great value, very underappreciated.


    William Lennon boots are phenomenal, but the fact that they don't offer half sizes is problematic.  I ultimately sold my pair because I fell between sizes.  Build quality was strong and they were easily one of the heaviest pairs of boots I've ever owned.  I'm sure they would last forever with even half assed care.


    Wesco has a Factory Seconds section that has both boots that didn't make it through inspection (usually something cosmetic, like irregular stitching) and customer returns.  If you check regularly, you might just score a great deal.

  6. I was fatter when I bought them, so I was forced to size up to a 36.  These days a 34 would fit really well.  In retrospect, I should have bought a pair in each size when I had the chance.  Then I'd have a pair no matter what my weight is...

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