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  1. XX-019, 2.5 years, 0 washes, 1 initial cold soak, 1 crotch repair. About to give them their first soak wash, thought I'd post some before pics. Excuse the dirt, had to go out to Mojave for work. Pics taken with iphone 12 pm with indirect sunlight thru a window.






  2. FS: Strike Gold SG2109 Size 29W

    Looking to sell my Strike Gold SG2109's Size 29W, original length (non-hemmed), never washed. They've been in my closet for the last 2 years and are looking for a new home now. Worn at most one month, I bought them right before a bodybuilding program so my legs quickly got too big for these. I absolutely loved these jeans due to the hue they have when worn in direct sunlight. They were purchased at the LA Self Edge location back in 2015.

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  3. My dior 21 cm MIJ, worn 4 years, 0 soaks 0 washes, hemmed about 2 inches. Picture taken in direct sunlight. My favorite pair, but my thighs have gotten too big to fit comfortably in them =[.



  4. Can anyone with the both give me some comparisons? I'm gonna be traveling over the summer and want something that's gonna be good for cities, landscapes, etc...

    For cities/landscapes, the tamron 17-50 would be the wiser of the choice. I had the tamron 17-50 VC version and that lens was pretty sharp, with the non-VC supposedly suppose to be sharper (and cheaper)!

  5. tredd, I have a friend with a 40d that can get some really nice photos with his L glass he has on it. If you're referring to my wood + trash cans those weren't with a 50mm that was a 15mm fisheye, if you're referring to Jacob then it was an 85 right? I'm with Jacob 50 is great on FF.

    Woops, I worded it incorrectly. I meant your pictures with the 5Dc got me excited, not the 5Dc+50mm combo.

  6. What do you have now?

    40D, I just actually sent payment for my 5Dc and listed my 40D for sale. Can't wait to try it out with the nifty-fifty! The two pictures you posted at the top of this page has got me excited!

    Edit: Meant that your pictures with the 5Dc got me excited, not the combo with the 50mm.

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