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  1. ^ Any sort of significance, positive or negative, applied to the feeling of regret only exists if one is able to... feel it. If regret is what you measure the quality of your life against, then the best possible decision would be one that ends without regret, with the opportunity to recognize that absence of regret.

  2. Anyone here know their pages/hour ratio, or something of that sort?

    Spent all of last night and this morning fervently trying to finish 2 books and became increasingly frustrated at how slow I read. I'm talking each page averaging 600 words and actually trying to fully understand and retain the information to later write a paper on.

  3. In the same vein, I've decided to try out the 'minou'. I figure if it looks like donkey dick then I can just buzz it.

    Anyone have more pictures of the same du or just ones with similar hair at different angles?


  4. One year and a messy topknot later, and I can't wait to cut the shit out of it.

    Thinking of fucking with Ash Stymest hair, but even if I could style it properly, I'm thinking it would look considerably different on an Asian face.

  5. Is it just me, or does anyone else notice when people force/fake cough to attract attention to the mundaneness of it and thus makes their presence less awkward ex. someone walking alone next to a group of people.

    I find KAG's do this to an annoying extent. They do some kind of nasty overly-guttural cough that they probably think is cute.

    Really a half-formed random thought, but I'm almost positive there's something to it.

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