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  1. Versace for H&M

    Fall/Winter 2011

    • All items are brand new with tags.
    • All items were bought at the SoHo H&M

    PayPal Only. Add 4% or mark as 'gift'.

    US Shipping is $15 and NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

    Can ship or pickup in Manhattan NYC.

    For some reason I am having a hard time posting pictures on here from photobucket and picasa. Below is a link to the album and here are the prices.




    Black Dress - US SIZE 2 / EURO SIZE 32 - $250

    Mens Tank Top Blue Leopard Print - SIZE XL - $80

    Womens Black Studded Leggings - US SIZE 4 / EURO SIZE 34 - $70


    Black and Blue Cashmere Blend Scarf - $90

    Green Crocodile Palm Tree Silk Scarf - $75

    Pink and Yellow Leopard Sunset Silk Scarf - $75

    Blue and Green Leopard Silk Scarf - $75

    Black and White Silk Scarf - $75


    Black Studded Leather Handbag - $179

    Gold Chain Choker - $90

    Gold Chain Bracelet - $90

    Gold Flower Ring - SIZE SMALL - $60

    Red Flower Ring - SIZE MED and SMALL - $60

    Red Flower Drop Earrings - $75

    Velvet Pillow Case - $75

  2. can anyone in NYC help figure out what this restaurant was called... it was in soho, i'd like to say somewhat near APC... it was like a higher end place serving duck and what not. as soon as their dinner hours started, the placed filled up instantly. i think we paid around $60 for two people. the service was amazing... certain employees only jobs were to refill your glasses of water, as soon as they saw you done with your meal they would come clear your plates and replace your table cloth with a new one. i snapped a pic of my food and i THINK the name started with an "R" but i can't remember and its been driving me nuts.

    maybe pastis? but thats in meatpacking district


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