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  1. so arc'teryx designed a poncho to manufacture and give away to the homeless in vancouver.

    it's called the bird's nest. they made 700 of them.

    this is what it looks like:


    so awesome looking limited edition arc'teryx poncho. how long before either 1) homeless guy gets rolled by hypebeast for poncho or 2) homeless guy gets first+last month's rent together by selling one of these

  2. I have DA 7410's I'd like to sell if that's up your alley. Best looking crankset ever, IMO.

    Has to work with a 108mm JIS bb spindle - I think the Dura-Ace 7410 requires a 103mm spindle. Thanks though!

  3. this is a long shot, but if anyone has either a Shimano Sante or a Suntour Sprint crankset in 175mm, double, drop me a PM. i know that's super specific, but i thought I'd see ... :)

  4. co-sign on above, i am tempted by the porter duck chore coat. im tall but my shoulders are super narrow, my guess is that the L will be too wide shoulders and chest, but the M will be too short in the sleeves. anyone able to offer some measurements?

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