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  1. got a brand new pair of us10 huron grey mesh if anybody wants?


    £375 incl shipp - which i believe is well below retail


    i've doubled up bizarrely so don't need two pairs!


    (happy to swap for black if that is even a possibility for anyone.....)

  2. Whats the sanjuro in picture 4. Whats the fabrication, is it tweed?  Anyone have a price on it.


    Its the charcoal Dotera not navy I believe (silk) so price above not far off.

  3. Perfect. 


    Sounds absolutely spot on Dee. I tailor/taper my Lhamo's on the lapel anyway, just hadn't thought to do this.

    Makes sense that it would open up on the shoulders and settle down a bit around the arms etc.


    Gracias amigo.

  4. Also just got first Sanjuro........what is with the way the back looks?

    I feel like Quasimodo - am suspecting it's supposed to haunch but it's ecclesiastical at best ?

    Everybody else just style it out??

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