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  1. who makes good pre-distressed denim? looking at APC pricepoint. need something very faded, blue. thanks!
  2. Just got gifted a Ervell club collar long sleeve in the sand color. It doesn't fit me at all so I need to flip it. Its brand new with tags, tried on once to see fit. The shirt is beautiful with a club collar, mother of pearl buttons, classic Ervell fit, and top quality. Sadly, it doesn't fit me. This is the shirt. Their pics show the color of the shirt much better than my crappy ones do: http://www.patrikerv...buttondown/sand Asking $180 shipped CONUS OBO
  3. Skincare recommendations

    can anyone recommend a good facial sunscreen? not a moisturizer with SPF. thanks
  4. The Android Cell Phone Thread

    i've got a q. i'm in the market for a droid phone and i'm on tmobile. i'm hoping they release the nexus galaxy for tmobile, but i haven't heard about it. what phone do you guys think i should get? i am planning to buy in the next few weeks, so i want something that is new or going to be released soon. thanks
  5. FS: Acne Jeans Contrast color shirt sz52

    bump. price drop
  6. I'm selling a size 52 Acne Jeans contrast collar shirt. It has a blue body with a white collar. The shirt was purchased online on the Acne webstore at $220 retail. Since then, the shirt has been worn twice. I am asking $60 +ship. This shirt is great for the summer. It comes with extra buttons and will be drycleaned+pressed for you before shipping. Adtl photos/measurements can be requested. PM me with offers/questions.
  7. FS: Cheap Easy USA Canvas Sneakers/Plimsolls

    PS: Available in black and white only, please do not ask for other colors. Additional photos in the older threads. Thanks
  8. Black: (http://gyazo.com/8e6853aec1f1c65189970940f90c676f.png) White: (http://gyazo.com/01c9e25d3b9fe6ce1db6791e73768e0a.png) I've done three runs of the same sneakers in the past. These are great, cheap summer sneakers. This is how it works: I have to order by 24 pair intervals. First come, first serve. These sneakers are much cheaper than anywhere else even with shipping. I can get them in black and white, sizes 7-13. You pay me when you order and I will ship out once a 24 pair interval is completed, which usually doesn't take long at all. I may not be taking int'l orders because it's a pain, but if there is enough int'l demand, I will do it. PM me anyway. Sizing Sizes from US 7-13 are available. Please see older threads for sizing advice. Price The company supplying these have raised the price, so I will have to as well, to $6 + shipping. This is still much cheaper than the $18 Urban Outfitters asks for the same ones (from the same supplier). If you buy more than 1 pair, you get a dollar off for every extra pair. Buy 2, get $1 off, 3 pairs, $2 off, on and on Shipping More information about this soon, but I will probably be flat-rate mailing most of the stuff in the US, especially if you order more than 2. This is just more economical. How to order PM me with your color, size, zipcode, quantity. I will confirm your order and wait for payment and your address, then I will ship. If there are any questions, PM me. See original threads for sizing/general info: (http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk/showthread.php?t=30512) After page 16 you should find some info about sizing from people who received their orders. This thread will be changing. Please contact me with interest/questions. Thank you.
  9. WTB: Bookbag for under $50

    Looking for a bookbag under $50. New/good condition. Any TNF please holla. Used supreme, holla. Just holla if you got.
  10. Maison Martin Margiela

    how does margiela footwear fit? i want to cop the velvet sneakers but its a US11, and i wear US 11.5 in most other sneakers. Any ideas?
  11. Digital SLRs?

    i know this aint dslr but does anyone know what kinda camera jordan tower use? kinda like this http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhN799SoCeD0r0v3M0 i am making a movie and i need something HD but that still looks gutter. or does anyone know what kinda effects he use? his other videos are on worldstarhiphop. here a good example: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhwJiL6J88gRsXf5yK any suggestions welcme. thx
  12. i dont know if this is appr. place, but where can i cop some cheap decent cutlery (im a college student)? i've heard martha stewart cutlery is pretty decent.
  13. IC: sz. 11 Lanvin Purple Mids

    pics please