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  1. DAMN new shingeki manga is so good. finally get a better understanding of what's going on
  2. ^this is so good
  3. sigh nari just had to be in wassup, who don't particularly enjoy
  4. f50fan who dat?
  5. newest shingeki was kinda lame. not much really happened. but that ending omgomg
  6. i'm down. whenchiapetsattack how bout dat new patch doe. never playing mid again
  7. this is great
  8. i have the trainers. yeah i went to niketown (where i bought them) and the manager said "yeah i have these too and i see the same type of wear." she sounded so fake and seemed like she just didn't wanna deal with it considering nike has a 2 year warranty
  9. to those who have flyknits, has anyone ever had issues with the bottom black sole starting to rip off? i run maybe twice a week and tried to return em to nike, but they declared it as regular wear and tear. kinda disappointed. i don't think chunks of the sole are supposed to rip off
  10. pisses me off that new ch come out every month..i keep forgetting what happens before i read the new one
  11. so who watched ep 2 of shingeki no kyojin? it seems like there's already some differences from the manga