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  1. too funny.

    OH FUCK LOL...i was red ass fuck but the fudge was coolin like a snickers ice cream bar.

    I find my inability to speak any other language to be superawkward. I have been hanging out in Austria for a week and while most people in their early 20's have a good grasp of english, I wish I could communicate on a better level. It isn't awkward because I am offended, I just feel ignorant. Most people speak at least their native tongue and english, but it isn't uncommon for people to speak 3 or 4 languages. I can speak english and construct elementary sentences in french, hooray for me.

  2. anybody have any information about the canada post strike?

    I mailed a package home (from sweden) on the 2nd of june.

    It was about 18kg and had some valuable stuff.

    the package hasn't been delivered to my house yet, but will it get sent back to sweden. that would really fucking suck.

    thanks for the infoz.

  3. oh also trying to do exchange in sweden freecat aren't you also?

    I just finished an exchange in Uppsala. It was a really cool place for studying. I would recommend it. I also have friends who have studied in Jonkoping and Goteborg (like freecat), KTH in Stockholm and in Lund. I don't think you would be making a bad choice regardless where you went.

  4. I am sure there are textbook replies about what would happen.

    As Repeater said, really, either way, she is doing it for you (unless she is on the same page and is dtf) regardless if there is a girl or guy involved.

    If it is a girl, ya, she could get jealous. But, if it is a guy, you might have a spit roast seared into your memories. If she got really into it and enjoyed it, you might get jealous?

    I think no matter what, the complexities of relationships make it hard to predict anything and unfortunately you only know how it will turn out after its donezo.

    As much as the idea intrigues me, I am not sure if I would want my chorizo that close to another type of sausage and if it was with a girl.. I don't know, I don't have a good excuse other than I would probably want to have them in an exponentially increasing frequency which would more than likely have an inverse effect on my relationship.

    Maybe just try doing some exhibitionist type steeze. If people are around or there is the possibility of people being around it could create something similar psycho-sexually.

  5. arrive in Zurich at 2am, hungry as hell. Nothing is open but Burgler King. Order the 'Long Chicken Sandwich' meal, comes with fries and a coke. $17 fucking dollars.

    paying $5 for a muffin at starbucks so I could go on the internet

    police walking by the bench I was laying on continually ensuring I sat up and didn't fall asleep aka. up for two days straight.

    I don't care if I am white-whining or first world problematizing. I am tired and want to go to sleep.

    oh, I also really hate that my lovely experience lurking the nudity at barcelona beach was ruined by some 75 year old granny showering down in her birthday suit. I guess it was a valuable lesson about yin and yang.

  6. do you mean study abroad?

    don´t feel bad man, I have been abroad this semester and it has been an incredible experience. I never would have (well maybe at some point) made the experience turn into a reality because of various excuses (like money and time) but fortunately my major requires a semester abroad so I had no choice. there are a lot of other worse things to spend time and money on.

    do it do it do it.

  7. i think your best course of action is to catch one of them, away from the group, and rape him.

    using a public computer at a hostel. scroll down and see this. burst out laughing.

    serious (real) talk though. clopek has suggested a legit course of action. not sure how shit goes down in singapore but in canada we rape gangs (gang rape) all the time.

  8. i am in barcelona and the beach is full of topless women. is it awkward that I can't help but stare. it just is not something that happens at canadian beaches so it is something new :(

    i don't perve stare, just continually glance...

  9. While studying in Sweden I would always hunt out good places to take poops in school. They don't have male/female bathrooms, they just have individual rooms with toilets. I was always sure they could hear the plunk of every log and I was super self conscious of it.

    blah blah we all shit even girls blah blah.. I don't care, still weird to hear people shit...

  10. I hate wearing new shoes with no socks. The initial period of pain sucks so bad. It just has to be done and then they are comfy but ugh, getting your skin rubbed off is only fun under certain conditions.

  11. I was watching the Champions League final with some people but I got bored as football isn't really my thang.. walked back to my place after a detour to the grocery store. bought a bag of shredded mozza/'taco sauce' (not so thick'n'chunky version of salsa/tortilla chips.

    well, basically I saw a bunch of people eating nacho's at the event so ya. I got hungry.

    fat ass doesn't want to take the time to melt the cheese on the chips so I just dump the bag of cheese in the salsa and start going to town.

    i woke up being very disappointed with myself

  12. as good places to start, i'd recommend:


    I haven't read this book in its entirety but I have studied topics focused around the middle east (and africa/asia as a whole) and found Said's work to be really valuable and free of the new age corporate influence that sawyer has mentioned. To really get a good handle on what is going on, reading something about Orientalism will be helpful.

    I would also recommend


    this book is a good historical narrative on how the Cold War heavily influenced the 'third world' during its independence and decolonization periods. These processes (arguably) continue to influence contemporary current events.

    if your interest is purely on the middle east there are chapters solely on Iran and Afghanistan.

  13. i dont think the humanities path is necessarily bad, but it can be if you just cruise through it for four years with just bare minimum effort.

    I think what you have articulated here is really accurate. I especially agree about critical thinking. However, I think in that regard you could be

    selling psychology short. Definitely in North America getting a psych degree is probably pointless unless pursued to the Master's or Post-Doc level but I think studying psychology in conjunction with another subject can be extremely valuable. I have been studying Security and Conflict for a few years now and have recently began trying to incorporate psychology and sociology far more than before. I find that my area of study is stagnant in these areas making it interesting to study it outside of university (as in not taking classes) because I can offer a different perspective than my peers. I have gotten the impression that my area of study is not as critical as it should be in looking at systemic causes of conflict, especially because we try to stay within a political context. In this regard, analyzing something with psychological/sociological theories can offer a lot more insight.


    I have pretty much accepted that since I am not studying something like engineering, architecture - in general something that can be directly applied to a job after graduation - that it will be more difficult to get a job (or a job that I really love). So as into the rain said, if you are going to do something, just make sure you love it/find it interesting so that you put in a good effort.

    I hope I can stay within academia for a long time.

  14. interest checkz

    I have some skull 5010 sz 30 that I haven't been wearing. moving away from slim fits (or maybe my thighs are just getting fat). if anyone is interested let me know and I will take pics and etc.. just shoot me a pm

  15. bullshitting my way through 6000 words between three assignments. They are all for the same class and all have similar questions. Should I just copy my answers? Can I really plagiarize myself?

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