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  1. ^^^^^

    fuck I bought a new pair of earbuds and the little package of extra sizes fell out of my bag while I was leaving an airplane.

    $20 for a new pair of silicone ear things..

    fuck sakes

  2. I am a little fucking confused how the dude has the ballz to call out dovo for using bad german grammar... "use proper grammar when speaking my native language"... dude fucking sucks at english and always gets a free pass...

    also confused because he frequently has a filson man purse himself?

  3. I did 8 hours in two sessions on my ribs, from roughly my hip to just under my pit. It was my first major tattoo (I had something small already). After getting my chest, ditch, and forearms tattooed I can comfortably say that the pain is all relatively the same (except the fucking sternum which killed) and it depends more so on the tattooer and their skill.

  4. yo freecat,

    best temporary friends for life

    I experienced the exact same shit when I was in Uppsala. I am sure it is a feature of any exchange/erasmus program. If I wouldn't hang out with certain people back home, why would I do it just because I miss my mommy when I'm in Sweden? I've kept in contact with only a handful of people from my exchange, which I am totally fine with. The whole time though everyone was constantly jabbering about visiting one another and crashing on their couches blah blah blah. I guess I am generally pretty cynical but still, majority of you will never be more than facebook bunnies.

  5. pie...

    I dated a girl during/after highschool for almost 4 years. when we broke up (I got dumped) I was obviously devastated. All my friends were there to listen to my sob stories and be a source for me to vent. there are always short term things to take your mind off of the situation, like getting high and watching trailer park boys. however, I think that it just takes time to get over shit. they offered so much advice, non of which I took. not because it was bad or stupid or wouldn't do anything, but because I had to go through it myself and find my own way. that might sound really corny but thats how I experienced it. everybody handles situations differently.

    with that said, distancing yourself and cutting off contact are going to help the process immensely. those are the two main pieces of advice that I wish I took from my friends. however, me and my gf of 3.5 years are probably splitting up and I am sure I wont even take my own advice.

  6. is jesus kneeling? if he is, then santa is a lot shorter than I thought. otherwise he has a really disproportionate body.

    and whats with the dead elf? did a plane hit the north pole and I never heard about it on the news?

    so many questions.

  7. not sure of your washing habits so don't take any of this the wrong way.

    1) give your scalp a good brush before you shower. this helps release dry skin.

    2) make sure you condition. this helps moisturize your scalp to help it from getting dry and flaking.

    3) if you use product, it could be excess product and not dry skin.

    it is important to remember that headshoulders is anti-dandruff which isn't exactly the same thing as having a dry scalp. even though this comes up when you search dandruff on wiki, I have heard this from barbers/stylists too.

    and if people want a good sea salt spray try the KMS version:


    my gf worked at a few salons and said this was really good for the money.

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