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  1. I totally agree however, by law she is allowed to pull out her big saggy tit but unfortunately, public masturbation is a crime. Some sort of reverse sexism type shit.

    "Your right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms."

    "Despite this, breastfeeding is still an endangered practice."

    from here

  2. I was working at a coffee shop last summer and this woman had her tit full out and her child drinking like there was no tomorrow. You could tell it was making people uncomfortable (maybe cuz she was larger?) It was kind of awkward but I can see why it shouldn't be, it is natural blah blah

  3. I am not sure who has dealt with Russell either than Morse and Riff (from remembering previous posts) but what is the sizing like?

    I was looking at their Sale PDF and they have some pretty good deals.

    I am a 9.5 in Wallabees, usually a 10 in nike and vans and I have size 9 in two pairs of Daytons.

  4. sorry for double post..

    but shit! looks like Monocle jocked Corter's bracelet project...

    from Highsnobiety:

    “The bracelet is embossed with “Support Japan†on one side and “Brooklyn Tokyo x Monocle†on the reverse. It has an adjustable button fastening and uses leather from tanneries in the Miyagi region, where the earthquake and tsunami struck. Made in Japan – for Japan.â€


  5. was just at the gym... running on the treadmill and BAM!!! girl two machines over somehow manages to fall and is holding on to the hand rail for dear life. It reminded me of getting pulled behind a boat. Why the fuck didn't she just let go? Regardless, funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

  6. I'm trying to find a decent 3-day pack that won't break the bank

    Are you wanting a duffle bag that is sufficient for three days or are you wanting a backpack?

    I have an older ~30L rucksack that is made out of a fairly heavyweight cordura. I know there are new packs that are significantly lighter and made out of more tech material but I am always worried about extended use, especially in an emergency/disaster situation.

    I also have a few waterproof 'stuff sacks' to keep essential items dry.

    I am from Canada, so I usually rely on Mountain Equipment Co-op for my Armageddon equipment.

    They also have really affordable and durable duffle bags too...

    But I mean, from what I gathered watching Book of Eli, Denzel managed for 30 years with what looks like an Oakley backpack. So who knows...

  7. I lived on the 19th floor of a highrise and this happened...

    Actually, I think something more happened because the fire department had to come and shut off the alarm. The worst part was that the elevators stopped working so I had to climb 19 flights of stairs at ~6 in the morning..

  8. running on the treadmill.. side by side with a slew of cuties..

    not the part that I hate...

    having to go #2 but not wanting to stop my run..

    followed by the uncomfortable feeling of holding it in..

    followed by the build up of gas/pressure and having to hold THAT in as well..

    releasing said gas/pressure slowly thinking it might suppress any smell..

    failing miserably.

  9. I went and got my hair cut by Justin at Sivletto in Södermalm. If you look some pages back I posted a before and after. I was really happy with the cut. However, it was a simple hair cut and I am not sure what is involved with cutting curly hair.

  10. the problem with courtesy flushing in this case..

    if the bowl is shallow and the shit piles easy, then one can go on to assume that if you do a courtesy flush, water will be splashing up everywhere..

    I say plug your nose and push hard and wipe fast..

  11. i find it interesting how companies package products in such different ways for different countries/markets..


    I HATE how companies package products in such different ways for different countries/markets..

  12. ^^^^

    People always put so much emphasis on getting in the heads of serial killers and etc. I think people who choose abstinence are far more interesting..

    on a side note I still watch these every once and a while..




    its probably old news but dude's like +30yrs old..

  13. I'm not a vegetarian/vegan but I am pretty sure you aren't compromising any amount of flavor or eating experience but taking on the 'lifestyle' I've seen/had some dishes and they are on par with any meat dish.

    It isn't simply eating bell peppers. Ugh, I searched for a picture and I couldn't find one, it's a Simpson's reference.

  14. It is called 'Pusher'

    I don't know much about hair products. The barber recommended it/put it in my hair. I used to use schwarzkopf rough up or 4-play. To contrast the shiny-ness of the 'Pisher' I bought some American Crew Fiber as well because it is matte.

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